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First of all congratulations to Mael for winning the last competition with his unique Specs Heatran Trick Room team!

For this Week I figured we should resume with something a bit more common but still with many underappreciated sets, Lucario!


I wont put any restriction on the set but I strongly encourage you to try out some of the more unique Lucario sets such as Endure Salac,Scarf,All out Attacker,Choice Specs or Choice Band, to name a few. Submissions are now open and will close 6pm GMT -4 next Monday and we will then move onto the voting phase. I know some people may want something a bit more niche or unexplored and you can expect these in the future too, don't worry. Don't forget to include a description of your team, it doesn't have to be too long. Have fun building everyone!

hellpowna :psysly:
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Had a bit of extra time, so I wanted to post some older less standard Lucario ideas I've had that I reduxed and then a new idea of this challenge, so I'm posting three teams. I think Luke is a bit underrated in the current meta and deserves more of a look at, so I wanted to post more. Only look at the last one for judging purposes, but feel free to look at all of them

The first I wanted to post was a redux of the Scarf Luke Explosion HO team I posted in my team dump a few months ago. I redid the sets and spreads of the mons even though it is the same 6: :Azelf: :Lucario: :Tyranitar: :Gyarados: :Metagross: :Magnezone: https://pokepast.es/807e915304f1af05

So this is just standard HO w Scarf Lucario and Magnezone over Dragonite and the flex spot. The idea here is two fold: first Copycat has all kinds of cool niches, such as U-turning out, potentially setting up hazards or spinning away your opponents. But the main one is using more than one Explosion, as Azelf, Meta, and Zone all have it and can potentially blow up on a prominent Luke check like Gliscor or Gyara, opening up the rest of the team to HO. Another cool thing about this is speed control. HO can struggle if they give up momentum -- an opposing Gyara, Dnite, TTar getting a DD can be very scary and being able to revenge those is very nice. Magnezone is also very helpful here cause even though it does cede that momentum cause it is so slow, it traps huge problem pieces like Jirachi, Skarmory, Scizor, even Metagross and Bronzong. Getting rid of these mons is critical for your sweepers getting through. The main change I made over the previous version was dropping custap berry and running more speed. I feel end custap just isnt as effective in this metagame, esp since a lot of rachis can get through magnezone trapping them w/o leftovers.

The second team I wanted to post was a team I've used in various tours. The central idea is that Scarf Magnezone is a common non Salac Lucario check, as it comes in after it uses Close Combat and traps it w Tbolt. My idea is that you can adapt the Magnezone bait style to trap it w/ your own Magnezone, allowing Lucario to roam free. Since this team doesn't have the backbone of a standard Magnezone bait team, I'm using an idea I got from DBC in his retro cup game against Laural -- using Shed Shell SpDef Skarm so you can keep Skarmory but still bait in Zone so you can trap it. The Lucario set is pretty standard but its cool idea nonetheless

:Skarmory: :Lucario: :Tyranitar: :magnezone: :Latias: :Rotom-wash: https://pokepast.es/028aa21332d90962

So here, you kind of need SpDef Skarm, as your other two Steels are frail and Tyranitar is scarf so it can't take specs lati meteors very well. Lati w IB Eq is a great choice here, as covers a lot of mons (big one is cm rachi, water's, and Heatran that doesnt burn you) in one slot. These two, alongside resttalk rotom, give you the defensive core you need to survive long enough to get off the luke sweep. Rotom and Scarf tar is the best hazard protection one could ask for while also opening up a Pursuit avenue for Lucario to set up and use Spikes itself. This team is fairly similar to the one Sakito used in SPL vs Emeral w LO Gon over Zone and some set changes. I've tried Shadow Ball RestTalk Rotom so you get a better hit on loom and Grounds in general, but the standard tbolt is what worked better in tests. Looking forward to other cool Mag bait teams!

The last team I wanted to post is an idea I got from Pideous -- Specs Lati + Specs Luke. They work well together to open up Steel-types and other Lucario resists, so I wanted to build the core out. Here is the team I came up w: :Latias: :Lucario: :Tyranitar: :Breloom: :Heatran: :Rotom-heat:

So the idea behind this team is that the coverage on this tar set can struggle against levitating Steel-types such as Bronzong and Skarmory. Latias and Lucario, especially w Specs, really can open up these Steel-types. I wanted to give a special shout out to Focus Blast on Lucario, as with Shadow Ball and Aura Sphere, you get perfect coverage, allowing you to open up more what to use. You do crazy things like cleanly OHKO Clef, 2hko Gliscor w/o spdef, 2hko Nidoqueen after Rocks, do like 80% to phys def rachi, have a chance to OHKO spdef skarm after rocks. The standard on this team is normally to use Superrachi, but I like Lucario here, as it helps wall break nicely for Tyranitar. Another advantage is you're never trapped from full by Zone's tbolt, so if you're locked into aura sphere or blast, it can't kill you. If you're worried about opposing Luke, HP Rock isn't as needed and you can go vacuum wave, but beware as it is super weak. Rest of the team is pretty standard, Double Fight + DD Tar helps open opposing teams, tran absorbs burns and sets up rocks, Rotom revenges and gives Luke an opening.

That's all I have, looking forward to seeing some cool builds!
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Scarfrio + SubSplit Rotom Offense

This was a team I built during DPPPL, where the idea of Scarf lucario really appealed to me - a check to gengar, +1 gyara and +1 dragonite sounded awesome when people were spamming Azelf + 5 sweepers and I felt I couldn't use scarftar as my gengar check due to its struggles w/ those kind of teams. I knew I wanted to pair it w/ SubSplit Rotom because Scarf Lucario's weakness to bulky structures, and the defensive synergy they have (lucario for ttar crunches, rotom for ground/fighting moves etc). Modest Specs Lati is nuts and the team won't need the infernape speed tier desperately w/ suicune and scarf lucario in an emergency, and it helps weaken the steels for either scarf lucario or suicune to clean up at the end. Protect Suicune is awesome, blocking tricks from latias/rotom and letting one of lucario or ttar come in and punish them. Speaking of, band ttar is used to help check against those two mons and offer a wincon against stall. Finally lead thunder rachi is a great tool to help bait in skarm and whittle it, otherwise it'd have way too many opportunities to setup spikes. This team will struggle vs more offensive scarf mag builds but otherwise I've had a fair share of success with this team, fun to play with squad and I hope people can have some fun using it.

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For the rotom set, it may seem strange to play blizzard, but in reality, blizzard can be very effective and surprising. The main reason why I wanted to play rotom blizzard, is mainly to kill dnite and flygon mixed which can be a threat to the team, eventually gliscor and breloom which can be annoying too, and to hit latias hard. I put 48 in speed to make sure I can outspeed empoleon lead, and there's very little chance I'll put it in torrent's range with tbolt.

- For the jirachi set, here, I wanted to play it mixed. This set allows me to hit a large part of the OU effectively. The pokémon that resist very well to this set are swampert, zapdos, hippo and rotom. But latias specs and rotom can kill all these pokémon, that's why I like the core "rotom bulky, latias specs & jirachi mixed". I chose to put the shuca to avoid getting one-shot by eq from gyara at +1, for dnite, gliscor, gross, dd ttar, etc...

- Once the rocks are set, latias specs modest can do a lot of damage. I chose to play it modest because I find it very useful to be able to two-shot most ttar after the rocks. The only "problem" is that I can't get outspeed nape, but I don't actually find that very problematic. Because no one places nape on latias, and no one switches to nape in front of a latias.

- For ttar's set, he can't be one-shot by eq ttar at +1 after rocks, I put toxic for hippo, gliscor and swampert who can also be a threat to the team.

- For the lucario set, I preferred to put extreme speed instead of endure because I find extreme speed very useful in many situations, and it is also the only priority of the team.

- And finally flygon, the scarf of the team, I put it on this team to be able to "revenge kill" all the sweepers like dd ttar, dd gyara, ddnite, etc... And it also has many important resistances which allow to manage heatran, for example.
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