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Pretty simple premise. Double water physical attackers to overwhelm the main bulky checks to Gliscor, and then Ttar in the back to pick off Offensive Rotom-A, Latias, and Starmie which Gyara pulls in naturally. Went double scarf since team is a bit slow for offense. Gross holds the team together and further pressures Skarm and Starmie, and helping vs Jirachi which is always annoying- got this set from Heist for Gross in another thread, credit to him. Scarf Luke revenges what Ttar doesn’t. Last slot on Ttar is T wave, which helps nail Skarm once they know I don’t have FB and drop their guard. And then with para and Gliscor’s T fang / Waterfall guys flinch, it’s a buffet.
All teams are great with their different styles, but my vote is for team 5, Feraligatr is one of my favs and I love that Lucario set with Copycat.
This Week we have a tie between Kiry4n with their Rain Dance Magnezone + SD Gliscor team and afterburn with their Feraligatr + SD Gliscor team. Congratulations both!

This Week is going to be Flygon without a Choice item.


Only restriction on the set is Flygon can't be holding any of Choice Scarf, Choice Specs or Choice Band. Some sets that you can consider if you want inspiration are Mixed Flygon, Substitute Flygon which Excal made a great post on here or Toxic Flygon which BKC talked about here. You can of course experiment with any other sets that fit under the rule, those are just some ideas. Deadline is next Monday 7pm -4. Good luck and have fun building everyone!


I was planning to post this later but I have encouraged myself as I was bored and wanted to occupy time.
Well, at first I had a completely different gear idea, but this other version convinced me more. OTR I love with the Empo + zong + ttar core, that idea was clear, then the rest are Gyara, Nite and the mon from the Flygon round.
Empo is probably one of the best leads right now. He usually gets off to a good start vs Azelf, Aero, zong, tran leads. Aqua Jet always seems useful to me if you want to top things off with sash or in range. GKnot pressure bulky waters (Star/cune) Nite protects Gyara with a role similar to that of rachi. 247 in speed + Agility allows me to outmaneuver Scarf Flygon and take out a gyara threat with Ice Punch. I like that set and I think it fits well as well as being something different. 64 atk gon doesn't have much explanation, it was just what was left over, although it can kill offensive versions of gyara at -1 by intimidating you thanks to the support of SR + TPunch. Gon looks like paper to the naked eye, but he can take Waterfall for both CB and +1. 192 in SpA has a high percentage of eliminating defensive Skarm with FBlast. The SpD version fits between 62.2-73.6% more or less. Another fact is that he can kill defensive Latias with DM (Reflect)
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Nothing crazy but simple and effective : MiloGonLuc Spikes. I built a prototype like 3 months ago but I decided 10 days ago to finish it and optimize it for a tournament game. This is the definitive version for now.

First, Scarf Tar lead to get SR asap and trap Rotom / Gengar / Starmie. EQ to help against CM Jirachi. Sand Turn 1.

Skarm : some Speed EVs ( outspeeds 192 ) and Taunt to prevent others Skarm to stack hazards and annoy Milo / Luc. Outspeed some MixTars too so you can PP Stall Fire Blast PPs. And ofc SPIKES.

Gengar with some bulk and WoW + Taunt. Anti-Spin, helps a lot against Breloom ( Spore kek ), WoW coupled to spikes and Sandstorm is deadly. Taunt can help Lucario to setup on smthing and can also Stallbreak. More speedcontrol is also nice when your Scarfer is Tar. ( Stole the spread from a teamdump from Johnnyg2 iirc )

Milo A.B.O. ( Anti Bulky Offense ) : good answer to waters like Swampert / Kingdra Rain Dance / Gyara, Heatran etc. With SpA invests, a Modest nature and spikes, Hydro Pump become a dangerous move which is hard to switch into for a lot Bulky Offenses. A lot of speed for Breloom ( Hydro Pump + Ice beam or smtimes just Ice Beam = Breloom dead ), Zapdos etc. Some bulk to help against waters. ( Stole the spread from a team made by Emeral ). In short : walls everything and destroys everything with Hydro Pump and coverage.

Flygon : lures every answer to Lucario ( besides RKillers ) like Gliscor, Zapdos, Gyarados, Rotom etc etc etc. Very effective coupled to spikes. Outspeeds 317 and 318.

Last mon, Lucario. Stack spikes, trap the Ghost type, lure Gliscor etc with Flygon, find the opportunity for SD ( like a -2 Dragon ) and Luc will do everything else. Ice punch helps against ( if you didn't get rid of with Flygon ) Zapdos / Gliscor / Nidoqueen. Maybe you can go for Crunch > Ice punch, it helps a lot again Bold Rotom.

Replay from the FCL ( French Community League ) :


That's all for me. Thanks for reading.
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have a lot of fun playing with this team and i posted it in the discord so thought i may as well post it here. the aim of the team is pretty simple, shred things up with powerful draco meteors and then clear up the pieces with gyara (or sometimes even rotom). the combination of mixgon and specs latias is generally too much for most balance archetypes and the triple trick users + taunt gyara gives reasonable counterplay in a stall match up. dual scarfers also means you can also avoid being overrun by dd spam HO. the team has a few notable holes, mainly ddtar being a huge pest if allowed to set up. still a fun team to use though.

latias is fairly standard, modest specs dracos are frankly disgusting and heavily chunk steels and tyranitar. 208 spe outspeeds nonscarf roserades. rest is pumped into HP for bulk. sleep talk w/ trick specs might seem a strange one but honestly that sleep talk slot is just filler, it could probably be healing wish. just click draco meteor.

flygon is standard mixgon. max spa is the way to go on this team to maximise damage on gyara counters like zapdos / rotom-a / skarm who have switched in on a supposed EQ. latias dropping nukes baits tyranitar a lot, so you often get the chance to shred something with draco after people think you're choice locked. i do sometimes want to go max spe to at least tie with max speed jirachi but i generally feel that any jirachi that is max speed doesn't really threaten a lot of this team structure anyway.

metagross is scarf for two reasons. the first is that it gives me a counterplay to dd tyranitar and the second is that there is a huge overlap in metagross and gyara counters. tricking a scarf onto zap / skarm / rotom-a / bulky waters is absolutely gold for a gyara sweep in the back. the combination of the trick and the nukes should nullify these counters enough so gyara has a nice time setting up. i don't tend to trick away metagross scarf unless i know what sort of team archetype i am facing, tricking too early could lead a ddtar countersweep so its important to keep that in mind.

jirachi is a weird set but i found myself struggling with gengar and this thing takes like 25 from non-lo shadow ball. uninvested psychic will kill most gengar after rocks and breloom needs reasonable investment to survive at all. tbolt i found is probably the best coverage option to pair with psychic as it allows you to keep rocks up vs starmie a lot of the time. there are quite a lot of options for the final moveslot, i tend to stick with protect as i really like how it just shits on stuff like scarfgon uturning (this team doesn't like being pivoted on really) and generally just makes jirachi far more annoying. i have toyed with the idea of hp ground for magnezone, but being trapped isnt usually the end of the world for this team as it lets flygon in for free so healing wish/twave/toxic/icy wind are all other possibilities.

taunt gyarados rules man, in combo with the tricks it helps against stall builds and i think it maximises gyaras sweep potential on this team. dual-stab over eq because it hits harder and eq is largely unneeded as most steels will already be chunked by the previous team members. i did try out using return as the second move and it honestly does alright, its slightly stronger than eq when neutral and that is an option if the bounce miss chance pisses you off. you could go 3atks + lum but if you really wanted but i like the utility of taunt here.

rotom-mow is the coolest rotom. cleans surprisingly well once tyranitar is dead and this team often has chunked or killed it earlier. gives utility against dd spam and lucario. also the final tricker which can be absolute pain for bulkier archetypes. not much to say about this set, have fiddled with putting WoW over shadow ball to make it less baity but i generally like to run 3atks


The goal here is to lay down hazards with Rose and Clef, then abuse the switches that a Scarfed Flygon would force by being able to dish out some mixed offense. I chose to use Rose for Spikes since Flygon pressures the Fire-types that would threaten Rose really nicely. Rotom provides spinblocking for the team and can pivot into Fighting-type attacks aimed at Clefable. Offensive CM Suicune loves the hazard support from Rose and Clef, making its Hydro Pumps extremely difficult to switch into. Choice Scarf Metagross is the team's Dragon resist and can explode to remove dangerous sweepers that would otherwise threaten it heavily.

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