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This time I have doubts between team 2 and 4. Both seem good to me. One has Camerupt that that always adds something original with cune + loom as core FWG. I like the structure. The other I love the great offensive presence of him, I have tried it myself in ladder and it is great, easy to use. Many times he is left with a very tight result due to so much offensive power, but it is very well thought out, especially SE Lucario and Scarf Gengar. I keep in mind that it is difficult to do something with Froslass since he is not a good mon and less as a lead.

Team 4.


This team features lead Specs Zapdos: one of my favorite leads when I first started playing DPP in 2016, but it's definitely in pits of hell (or irrelevancy) at this point. Here's my take on a balanced offense with 1.5 electrics, because Rotom doesn't really count. In test games I liked the flow of this team, it has offensive and defensive answers to both early and lategame threats. Use Zap wisely, you can usually come out of lead Zelf matchups unscathed with TBolt t1 and a double to Tar (or Rotom if you're wild). Anyone who's played a bulky offence in DPP has (hopefully) some idea about tempo, which you need to control to win with this squad. Just relax and make a double or two late game and I think you'll like the results.
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:azelf: :tyranitar: :rotom-wash: :gyarados: :latias: :Lucario:

I made this team using Rotom-Wash, which is a good partner for what the team is focused on, an offense focused on Lucario and Gyarados, using teammates that help it to work properly.

I have tested this team and it really perfoms well against balance and offense style teams, it can suffer vs things like metagross agility but it can he stopped correctly.

Explaining a bit the team, Azelf is a great lead for what the team is focused on, doing basic things like putting the necessary stealth rocks, Tyranitar has that set to be able to cope vs things like Gengar that can threaten with focus blast and generally help well vs special attackers, rotom servers as an anti spinner that also helps vs Lucario and Machamp, also being our speed control, Gyarados serves to counter physical attackers in general and is also good to counterattack at a certain point in the game, finally Latias which is also another fight resist and generally makes good core along with rotom, to finish is Lucario, which is our win condition and is a very aggressive physical attacker.

kou + Babiri DD Ttar

My intention for this round was mainly Zapdos, but I wanted something different and that's why I opted for something with Raikou, who is one of my favorites. Before my lead of the trio was Uxie, but I think maybe it doesn't fit well or I wanted to look for something a little more original + that Mesprit Scarf set with Trick. 363 speed to overcome threats like Azelf lead or DD Gyara among others with TBolt. It can be applied vs more passive leads like pert or Hippo. The idea of taking DD Ttar with Babiri Berry more than being original here I consider that this team can be a bit weak against Scizor / other steels and to partly cover Mesprit. I confess that before rachi there was Metagross (Agility) but it didn't convince me much since I was forced to change the set of my main mon and the idea. I love this rachi set, although I had doubts about whether to do it CM with GKnot. In the end I decided to leave it like that and put HP Grass in kou to pert for example. DD Wacan Gyara on Lum Berry because it is a team that consists a bit of taking advantage of specific moments thus covering some weakness. Zong my SR user and covers things like Gyara (rock) or Scarf Flygon's kou, Gliscor well. Occa Berry allows me to be fearless on turn vs Heatran, nape, or HWave Zapdos cover.
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This 6 is a fairly standard tspikes team which makes full use of SubSplit rotom to pave the way for a forgotten relic: WishCM Jirachi. Heatran will cripple defensive Latias and explode on clefable to prevent jirachi from getting knocked off, while scarf tyranitar will counter any attempt to trick or burn it.
I initially had rocks on swampert, but after some tests I realised I needed to keep it healthy (metagross exploding on it was troublesome) and rocks on tran gave better interactions overall:

Swampert @ Leftovers
Ability: Torrent
EVs: 240 HP / 216 Def / 52 SpD
Relaxed Nature
- Earthquake
- Ice Beam
- Protect
- Roar​

This set coupeld with Jirachi's wish gave the team a reliable physical wall, who could drag in key targets such as Tyranitar and weaken them for later. Roar also provides counterplay against gyarados who would otherwise force damage on our wincon.
108 hp EVs on rotom lives +1 waterfall from Gyarados after rocks and OHKOes it back.

EDIT : Despite playing a hefty amount of games this weekend I never bothered saving the replays; I managed to get this one if you want to see the team in action
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:Jirachi: :Forretress: :Gastrodon-East: :Dragonite: :Clefable: :Magneton:
Thought it was a bit odd to see no mag teams and I wanted to give magneton a try. Gastrodon + dnite is a bit of an odd place to start but they have pretty nice defensive synergy, both appreciate mag support, and sub ddnite can help in matchups v rose spike teams where mag teams, esp w something like gastro, can struggle. Spin seemed necessary, and mag can trap other mag so forre made the cut. Rachi has rocks and helps flesh out the defensive core, providing a real dragon resist. Clef seemed like a good fit to help v special attackers and make progress w knock. Magneton outruns starmie, and +1 ddancers, where zone can't. Particularly for gyara, that seemed like a fair trade off for the bulk and power of zone. Fun to build, obviously not the most solid choices, but definitely a team built around an unusual electric type.
:dp/swampert: :dp/jirachi: :dp/magnezone: :dp/tyranitar: :dp/gyarados: :dp/breloom:

Scarf zone is a great remover of tran and opposing zone. Magnezone also does zone things in removing skarmory, CB locked scizor into bullet punch, jirachi locked into iron head, and itself. This enables superrachi and dd gyarados to break through opponents and sweep. Breloom provides sleep and allows free setup from the 2 set up sweepers, it also offensively pressures many pokemon for rachi and gyarados to pick off the weakened members from breloom. Tyranitar provides pursuit support for jirachi and gyarados against latias which is annoying to break through. It also lures in pokemon like gliscor, and prevents setup from gliscor, and dragonite. Swampert is here as a pokemon to help against zapdos, gliscor, and dragonite as it can threaten them with ice punch and tank their hits, it also compresses rocks into one slot. Gyarados abuses infernape and choice locked heatran that would revenge jirachi and gyarados can proceed to set up on them. It also helps jirachi set up against some pokemon with intimidate against pokemon like aero, lucario, and tyranitar.
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