DPP DPP OU Winter Seasonal #1: Round 1

activity, opp ignored smogon vm and discord pm that i sent, he had to delay yesterday bc something came up which is totally understandable but its been radio silence since then which is not totally understandable. im going to be busy the rest of the night per the smogon vm i sent on opps wall


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Calling act since guy didnt show to schedule (if grounds arent enough then a extension is fine too)
Edit: we played,he won
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Activity Wins:
vs KevinELF: KevinELF missed time, no sign of rescheduling so Shoka gets act win.
Finchinator vs Fener: was given win
Genesis7 vs TonyFlygon: Opp gave win
false vs CKW: Opp gave win
Nudepantsman vs Googly: Opp never responded back
Dragonflo vs e7e: Opp didnt respond
evening vs voltix31: evening missed time and did not properly reschedule afterwards, so act to voltix31
THUNDER CEBRA vs cielbakasan: Cielbakasan proposed now on Thursday, but THUNDER CEBRA couldn't. After that no contact from Cielbakasan, so act to THUNDER CEBRA
HashMoney vs hellpowna: No Contact from opp
Neveal vs yovan33321: Opp missed scheduled time
H.M.N.I.P vs Spl4sh: Opp gave win
dream vs Groudon: Dream delayed the scheduled time but didnt respond back anymore.
M Rodrigues vs Wchimera: Opp hasnt been active
Luispeikou vs Energy: Opp gave win
Seven Thunders vs Louna: No Response

Extensions To Wednesday 23:59pm EST:
Staxi vs Onibaba
didi vs Reymaki
Not Miyan vs Whydon


Bro Kappa vs Bdlc
Algeria vs SanJl

If there is any mistake, please let me know!
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