Tournaments DPP PL - Finals (Won by Dewford Beach Buizels)


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Welcome to the finals of the inaugural DPP Premier League! All standard tournament rules apply! Good luck to all players!


:dp/buizel: Dewford Beach Buizels (6) vs (1) Canalave Clefables :dp/clefable:

DPP OU: Kristyl vs Conflict
DPP OU: watashi vs BluBirD252
DPP OU: mncmt vs Seven Thunders
DPP Ubers: Fc vs 64 Squares
DPP Ubers: col49 vs TSR
DPP UU: Ark vs Thiago Nunes
DPP UU: vivalospride vs Accel
DPP NU: Donphantastic vs Bughouse
DPP PU: tlenit vs devin
DPP LC: London13 vs tazz

All matches are best-of-one and replays must be posted in this thread.

Deadline: Sunday, July 25st, 11:59 PM GMT -4
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yo sorry to be that guy, but I'd like to ask for the deadline to be extended to next sunday: we've been having difficulty scheduling a couple of games - these are finals, and to put it mildly having the deadline be in the middle of the week is incredibly bizarre: if our opponents are ok with it - would it be possible to extend finals till next sunday? thanks!
yo sorry to be that guy, but I'd like to ask for the deadline to be extended to next sunday: we've been having difficulty scheduling a couple of games - these are finals, and to put it mildly having the deadline be in the middle of the week is incredibly bizarre: if our opponents are ok with it - would it be possible to extend finals till next sunday? thanks!
Can we get an answer on this SBPC I havent seen anything regarding this and the deadline u have stated is only 2 days away
Won, gg. Glad I got to play some cool people this tour, and also glad we got to face you in finals, Clefs.Thanks to Luna and Donny for drafting me (even though I still stand by 22k being stupid), vivalospride and avarice for all the UU help, and the rest of the team for being GOATs. I have to make one huge shoutout, though, and that goes to watashi who is single-handedly the best teammate I have ever had. Our literal third (fourth if you count viv which I do tbh) manager, who was willing to help in every slot, offered advice, calmed everyone before their games, and was just phenomenal all around. Hope we get to team again.
well done, congrats on winning

to my team:
had fun again

all of you were p chill

see you next time

First of all, congratulations buizels. Lunala is a fantastic manager, they drafted a very high quality team with proven tournament winners like watashi and their supporting cast was quite strong as well.

Moving on to my team, I'm of course very satisfied with this outcome and very proud of our group. Any given team tour is a unique experience of course, but this tour in particular was distinctively different from other tours I've managed and veered into unfamiliar territory for me. In other tours my teams have bulldozed their way into playoffs as the number one seed without much trouble. In this, we scraped in by the thinnest of margins. It all came down to a game from another team (I love you forever for winning ) and that's definitely new to me.

Immediately after the auction I was very happy with my draft. I thought we'd cruise into playoffs without too much of an issue. We had to sell back a player for extreme unsportsmanlike conduct, which I've never done before in any tour, and my assistant manager, who I've been friends with for years, was so upset about it and disagreed so strongly with my handling of the situation that he left our team chat in week 4, never came back and hasn't spoken a single word to me since then. Pick whichever one of those you like the best, but I can tell you very candidly that things really weren't going all that well and it was looking like we wouldn't even make playoffs, which would have also been a first for me and a massive disappointment.

I felt our group showed a strong degree of resilience and composure and refused to give up. We had to grind tooth and nail for this one to just barely win in any given round, but look where that got us... I'll avoid individual shoutouts, but I want everyone to know that I'm glad I picked them, it was a pleasure working with them and I hope I wasn't too obnoxious with my ultra tryhard managerial style.

Thank you to the hosts for a smooth, fairly run tour.

Finally, this... With this tour over, my team tour managerial numbers are as follows- In 5 team tours that I have managed I am- 5/5 playoffs, 4/5 finals, 0/1 tournament champion. Those numbers are fucking insane. Find me another manager with better numbers, never mind 10 of them. Idk wtf has to be done on this site other than shitpost constantly and put other people down in a juvenile, misplaced plea for attention and acknowledgement in order to be given an opportunity to manage on the big stage, but for the love of god and whoever else makes these decisions, LET ME MANAGE SPL.
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Yoooo we won!!!! Loved this tournament so much and its all thanks to my team. Seriously loved you all. Feel like i need to do some s/o to people who went beyond and without their help this wouldnt be possible:

Donphantastic im so glad we got to manage this tour togheter, it was a blast. I hope you had as much fun as me.
watashi starting every week knowing you would win every game was just the best morale boost any manager could ask for. Sad we got robbed off BWPL but thats realistically the only way they can stop us...
Kristyl i know you're not happy about your record, but be proud of what you did. You carried the other 2 slots with excellent prep and teams and our success wouldnt have been possible without this. You also won in finals!!!! Thats all i could have asked for really. :heart:
Lauriane avarice you both built new teams for our Ubers / PU slots respectively every week and both of you were amazing, thanks. :heart:
Ark i'm gonna spend 22k on you any other time i get the chance. All the help you provided for every slot was fantastic and it definetly helped for our overall success. I'm sure you would have prefered to chill for this tour but i hope at the end it was worth it.

Thank you vani and SBPC for hosting as well, had a ton of fun! Love you all buizels :heart:


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congrats to buizels on a thoroughly dominant finals performance (bless tazzoat).

thanks to clefs for being a fun team and for carrying my poor performance every week.

I'm happy to see the DPP NU meta evolving, but I haven't quite been able to keep up. If I can offer one piece of advice from my crust ass, don't use the sample that was used here, as is. It's a super commonly used team with a massive drifblim weakness. The team is much improved imo with Scarf Tauros and Specs/LO/Ebelt Manectric.


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Thank you to my teammates and managers for making this one of the most fun team tournaments I've been a part of. Even though I didn't give a good performance you trusted in me every week and I really appreciate you guys for that. I love this group of players and I hope we get to team again in the future!

Also big thank you mael and Emeral for being supportive throughout.

mncmt emma Hyogafodex


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some quick shoutouts for the team <3

Lunala: WE WON LETS GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO (glad you asked me to manage with you it was a blast lets do it again next time :'])
Ark: .overpay but it worked, was v happy to have you on the team and you were instrumental to our success.
vivalospride: apparently you were on the team too?? gj winning bud
col49: constantly prayed to deadgame and got the chance to do so in finals CONGRATS
Kristyl: Yo wtf you're actually insane????? Carried our building in 3 slots like its nothing and being a damn good player too, glad you got your bag when it mattered most
watashi: Literally the goat, never been defeated not even once and helped keep morale high
tlenit: Carried this team everysingle week by starting us off w/ a DUB. was a pleasure to work with you
avarice: thank you for always being available to test no matter the format, and for making sure that our PU slot always had a good team to win with. Never use life orb giga drain in dpp again

mncmt London13 Lilburr Fc Lauriane McSim WE DID IT LESS GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO


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why does one post claim i’m fourth manager and another forgot i was on the team >;(

thanks Luna for drafting me, Donphantastic my undefeated record carried you to your DPPPL ring, why can’t you carry me to a UUPL ring eh??

but seriously was rlly fun tour i rly enjoyed this gen and this team and i think Ark is incredibly handsome

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