DPP DPP Summer Seasonal #1: Round 4


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requesting act, no news from my opponent since 3 days and my availability next week will be close to 0.


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Activity Calls
vs Dankoc - Robert was significantly more proactive with scheduling and put way more effort into trying to get the game done.
Sweepage vs Marshall.Law - No answer from Marshall.Law's opponent by the time he called act, which was approximately 14 hours before the deadline.
DnB vs Sakito - Sakito and DnB unfortunately had incompatibility in available times, but despite DnB knowing he wasn't free for most of the week, he didn't initiate contact with Sakito until it was way too late to get the game done, whereas Sakito contacted DnB early and demonstrated more effort into trying to get the game done. DnB didn't respond until quite late and Sakito is very unavailable during the weekdays. While this situation is slightly unfortunate, the activity win, which Sakito called for, goes to him.
StarBlim vs BeatupTerrakion - BeatupTerrakion couldn't play, so StarBlim gets the activity win.
Icequake vs Hubriz - Icequake put more effort into trying to get the game done and Hubriz stopped responding to him fairly early.

H.M.N.I.P vs Chill Shadow
Heysup vs Spl4sh

Just a reminder that extensions are never guaranteed, since neither party that received one this week reached out to request one. I'm not going to be as lenient about this for future rounds, so please contact me if you have any scheduling issues or need an extension, and I'll most likely grant it to you. Also, if you have an opponent that is very difficult to schedule with, even if VMs are public, it's always helpful to call activity, as you may end up getting coinflipped if you don't do that. Basically, please try to keep me informed and in the loop, thanks!

Round 5 (Losers Bracket) is going up shortly. Winners will be pinged like in Round 3 within an "Automatically through to Round 6" spoiler.

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