DPP DPP Summer Seasonal #1: Round 6


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Why did I get flipped? He never replied after his initial vm and where I gave my activity, I also vmd him later and he didn’t reply to this either. How am I meant to schedule if he doesn’t reply to either of the 2 vms I sent?
On Wednesday, RG Moti initiated contact with you asking when to play and stating that Sunday works best for him, which shows an initial effort from him. You responded with your timezone and said that Sunday works too, which is completely fine. Although it's worth noting that you didn't propose any time on Sunday, nor did he.


According to VMs, there was no communication at all on Sunday, and on Monday you posted on his wall, "dpp seasonal", not offering any alternative time, no explanation provided, and not even acknowledging that he missed the time or anything of that sort.


Based on all public interactions, I don't believe you've put in enough of an effort to warrant an activity call over RG Moti, which is even further justified by my ping reminding you to call act if you felt like you had a case for it; you didn't do that either.

I'm not overturning this coinflip, sorry. In the future, if you want to avoid this situation, you should call activity before the deadline, communicate with the host if you have any concerns about the match not being completed, or be more upfront/detailed in your VMs so that it's more apparent that you have put in a significant amount more effort than your opponent.
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