Tournament [Draft CA] Smogon x NPA Signups!

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Format will be 8 slots of Bo3 VGC 2024 Regulation F

Signups are closed (Jan 13 10 AM GMT-5)
Draft will take place 10 AM EST Jan 14

For some general rules:
  • 10 teams to play in an 8v8 regular season, followed by a 7v7 playoffs stage featuring the top 4 teams
  • 120k budget for a min of 11 players, max 15 players
    • Bidding prices start at 3k
  • Each team is comprised of up to 3 managers, none of which can self purchase. Managers are listed below!
  • Trades for players can happen until the start of Week 1
  • There will be no midseason draft
  • No retains from previous NPA or VGC PL iterations
  • Standings will follow a points system, 5 points for a win, 2 point for a tie, 0 for a loss. (Tiebreakers will be specified in Admin Thread later)
Live Discussion happening in the NPA Discord

The tournament will be expected to start mid January and run for 9 weeks of regular season with 2 playoff weeks (with potential tiebreaks). Please only sign up if you are willing to make such a time commitment.

Player Signups: December 28 - January 11
Draft: TBD [January 12 - January 14]
Week 1: January 15 - January 21
Week 2: January 22 - January 28
Week 3: January 29 - February 4
Week 4: February 5 - February 11
Week 5: February 12 - February 18
Week 6: February 19 - February 25
Week 7: February 26 - March 3
Week 8: March 4 - March 10
Week 9: March 11 - March 17
Semifinals: March 18 - March 24
Finals: March 25 ->

This year's teams:

:nihilego: Aether Paradise Symbionts :nihilego:
Managers: Avatar Fede & jackofspadesman

:lucario: Asukana Samurais :lucario:
Managers: abhayfive & Baars & MichaelderBeste2

:kingambit: Blackthorn City Blades :kingambit:
Managers: NJ11 & Chongjun & Howkings

:jirachi: Celestic Stars :jirachi:
Managers: Jamie Kean & Brede & scottyw01

:celesteela: Malie City Monarchs :celesteela:
Managers: Spurrific & zee

:swanna: Mistralton Aerial Aces :swanna:
Managers: yuki & trace & KrelCROC

:lillipup: New Bark Loud Puppies :lillipup:
Managers: Naociak & 45mice & Teenspirit

:lapras: Slateport City Cruisers :lapras:
Managers: baaaaat & SvenVGC

:articuno: Snowbelle Blizzards :articuno:
Managers: Tamtam & Temple & Izzy22x

:gholdengo: Twinleaf Town Tycoons :gholdengo:
Managers: Zelda & ChosenFuture & calvonix​
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Name Wilfred

Time Zone GMT-6:00

Relevant Social Media Twitter: @SeaOtterVGC

Accomplishments Top 8 Senior Division Milwaukee Regionals 2023
Top 8 Senior Division Peoria Regionals 2023
4-1 at MSS with Ribombee

Bio I am a strong senior division player that is mostly consistent in events that can teambuild and play at a near top level. Urshifu-Single-Strike > Urshifu_Rapid-Strike.
Name AIRedzone

Time Zone GMT-8:00

Relevant Social Media Discord: airedzone

Accomplishments #1 Team India VGC fan
Entering a regional (it was a big step for me) (yay)
DOU accomplishments: OSDT top cut, Doubles Premier League Semifinalist, Doubles Derby Finalist, Captain of Doubles World Cup Team India (2nd place finish) (don't look up my record) (pls)

Bio Reasons I'm signing up:
1. To boost signup numbers to eventually get tyo a draft custom av
2. I am mildly competent at DOU and have been learning VGC and can win one (1) game for 3k
Name ZardiChar

Time Zone GMT-08:00

Relevant Social Media ZardiCharVGC

- Top 16 Vancouver 2023,
- Top 32 Fresno 2023,
- Top 64 (33rd) Salt Lake City 2022

Manager of:
- USPA (Top 8 Season 1, Top 4 Season 2)
- Opal (Champions)
- Smogon Classics (Finalist, Undefeated until that point)
- Littleroot Lessons

Team Tournaments as a Player:
- Smogon PL III (Dozos): 3-1
- PGL II: 2-1
- VCL: 3-0

Bio I’m looking to gain more experiences and meet more players.
I have is to make a positive contribution. I was with the Detectives for 2 seasons (1 as a player, 1 as a helper), and I would love to see how other Managers motivate their teams for positive culture and success!
Thanks for reading my signup! :)
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VGCPL Champion
Name tyo

Time Zone GMT+1

Relevant Social Media raisedintyo on Twitter and Discord

Accomplishments Team Tours: 4x Smogon VGC wins, won NPA last season, and got top 8 twice in VR World Cup. Overall my record was positive whenever I played in those tournaments


Bio I really want to improve as a player since this is my first year I can actually attend some events so I think joining NPA will really help in that regard. I'm hoping to get drafted into a very active team that can help me change from an average player to a good one which I know can happen in NPA looking at past editions. I can generally pick up any team and play it at a competent level and I'd say I'm pretty good at identifying what teams are strong in the meta at any given point (thanks to laddering a lot).

don't overpay for me though please, 21k in 2021's NPA was fucked up
Name DamoVGC

Time Zone GMT+01.00

Relevant Social Media Twitter: DamoVGC

Accomplishments finished Top 8 in the NB Major, Wolfe/aDrives Champions Cup, VGC 2016 Regional in Innsbruck and was a regular member of different Draft-leagues and won most of my games, helping the team advance from week to week.

Bio I might not have the accomplishments and regular finishes like me competition in this spreadsheet, but as a father of two and husband I‘m quite busy with hosting tournaments and pushing our local Switzerland-scene forwards. But one I can promise, you won‘t see a player with my experience in this spreadsheet, my experience with different formats, rooting back to VGC 2013 and Smogon Singles since the early 2000s. You wont‘ see a player with so much passion for data, learnsets, combinations and archetypes and a huge flexibility which teams to play. My opponents can‘ prepare for me, because I‘m testing so much stuff at the same time and my unpredictability makes me so dangerous and helpful for the team.
Name Jiholee32

Time Zone GMT+09:00

Relevant Social Media Twitter: Jiho3001010
Discord: jiholee32#6427

Accomplishments 11th in 2023 trainers cup1 (worlds day1)

Bio I am relatively new but I am very passionate about this game. Would love to learn and develop as a player through this opportunity and showcase what I am capable of. I believe I can be a great addition to the team.
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Name 000aj

Time Zone GMT+1

Relevant Social Media Twitter @_000aj, Discord 000aj

Accomplishments 17th in Europe 2016
T16 Germany Nats 2016
T8 Denmark Special Event 2017
T16 EUIC 2022
Day 2 Utrecht Special Event 2023

Bio I miss the part of the signups where it asked to have a poorly drawn Pokémon


formerly luisin
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Name luisin

Time Zone GMT-8

Relevant Social Media Twitter: @LightScreener

Accomplishments Recently winning the doubles world cup in smogon with a perfect record.
Playing various side tours in Hispanic communities such as Mexico, Costa Rica, etc. With a positive record in the majority
Some top cuts in Rose Tower in times of pandemic
Qualified for VGC Worlds in 2021

Bio This year 2024 I would like to play VGC again since I have a more free time and manage to qualify for this year's worlds again!
I have a lot of experience in team tournaments aaaaand i can support the team with memes :p


The V stands for VGC
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Name Vinc2612

Time Zone GMT+11

Relevant Social Media Vinc2612 on Discord

Accomplishments VGC: three regionals top cut
Smogon tiers: Smogon Tour playoffs top 4, Smogon Grand Slam playoffs top 8

Bio I'm a quite old player, started with blue, started competition with DP (Smogon tiers).
I made the VGC jump during gen 6 and never looked back.

I'm playing almost daily, trying to innovate when staying up-to-date with the meta. Only drawback is my timezone: I played in a similar team tournament with no teammate ever available during my evenings, so I couldn't participate much
Name shuli

Time Zone GMT+8

Relevant Social Media shulivgc@twitter

Accomplishments Jolly Breloom Champion X1
SV season4 rank 1st

Bio to be stronger
Name Akram Hamdi

Time Zone GMT+01:00

Relevant Social Media @AkramWasTaken on twitter

Accomplishments Consistent 6-3 go’er at tours, (Utrecht, Lille, Stuttgart), 1850’s on RegD bo1 ladder (top 20 at the time, 77% gxe), only played bo3 ladder from moment it released and was consistently in the 1600’s of the RegE bo3 ladder, had 2 accs in top 50 just before stuttgart.

Bio Eager to meet and work with new people, always happy to help out or engage in conversation. Got plenty of good references too in as well as outside of the dutch vgc community. Would love to play in a team draft tournament as the experience would help us all a lot!
Name Guntur

Time Zone GMT+07:00

Relevant Social Media twitter: @GunturOsada

Accomplishments 2018 Melbourne Regs. Champion
2019 Malaysia Regs. Top 8
2019 Sydney Regs. Top 4
2020 OCIC Top 32

Bio I want to learn more and getting to know more ppl in the community
Name Insertable194

Time Zone GMT-0

Relevant Social Media Discord: @Insertable194#3746

Accomplishments T8 Ladder tour, 6-3 Swiss tour, T8 Maustour, T4 Nexus tour.

Bio Out of the few tournaments I have competed in I've been getting consistent results (my worst ever score being 6-3 Swiss tour). I'm consistent on ladder (1700+ reg d and e), and looking for an opportunity to play at a higher level.
Name Pyreon

Time Zone GMT+0

Relevant Social Media Discord: pyreonpt
Twitter: PyreonPT

Accomplishments Won VGC Classics playing VGC17 but don't think that counts. Played worlds when I was good and made top32 (x-2) at regs twice.

Bio Here's my yearly NPA sign up to let people know I still click buttons at this game. Washed up but still quite decent at teambuilding and meta analysis. With some prep and practice I usually pull off a couple upsets and can be a decent 3k pick. Trying to get more into serious VGC in 2024 after a couple years laying low. I like playing off-meta teams, so don't expect me to pull Torn Shifu every week, but I won't use bad stuff either. Will always make sure to try my best to get wins for the team. I have a lot of experience in team leagues including 2 years of NPA and participarions in VGCPL and Winter League as well as Euro and World Cup. I'd be happy to be a helper in the likely case I'm not drafted.


formerly Hexer003
Name ArnavChawla

Time Zone GMT+5:30

Relevant Social Media twitter: @arnavchawla1, discord: pkmnmasterarnav#0000

Accomplishments irl: none (bad region to be in ;-;)
online: won a few streamer tournaments on twitch, top 500 peak on switch in reg d

Bio hey! i am arnav, i have been playing vgc since the start of SwSh and that makes me a little experienced about it.
reason of joining: 1) to understand how to perform better under pressure
2) to put my perspective and use of logic towards the benefit of the team
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