Tournament [Draft CA] Smogon x NPA Signups!

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Name Muphry

Time Zone GMT+1

Relevant Social Media Twitter: @LDFBarker

Accomplishments 2017 Denmark Special Event Top 8
2023 EUIC Day 2
2023 Gdansk Regionals Top 16

Bio I've been playing since 2017 but have in the more recent seasons been stringing together more decent to good tournament finishes. I want to play NPA because I've enjoyed my experiences from other team tours (including a second place with Sweden at the 2020 VR EuroCup) and I want to meet new people to play VGC with! I'm eager to keep improving even more, so I would take the tournament seriously.
Name Bacon

Time Zone GMT+5:00

Relevant Social Media Discord: bigbaconboy109
Instagram: bigbaconboy109

Accomplishments Nothing, yet.

Bio I am looking to build my resume of battles and this will be my first big tournament. I play mostly VGC but I will play other metagames like Nat Dex Mono
Name Derekisthebest

Time Zone GMT-6

Relevant Social Media None

Accomplishments None

Bio U should draft me because I have really good pokemon knowledge and when it come to a battle my brain just locks in
Name Nando99mb

Time Zone GMT+1

Relevant Social Media Instagram

Accomplishments Ninguno

Bio Buenas soy nuevo en el competitivo pero llevo jugando Pokemon y viéndolo desde pequeño asin que no me pilla nada de nuevas
Name Conan Wild

Time Zone GMT+00:00

Relevant Social Media Twitter: @RazerVGC
Discord: Therazer456

Accomplishments 2x Regional Top 32's, UK Nationals Top 32 (2016), Consistent Master Ball player on battle stadium. Consistent 1,600+ ratings on showdown ladders.

Bio I am a longtime player of vgc at this point, coming on to 10 years now over the last 4 generations. So i feel like i have a lot of knowledge to offer both on new pokemon and the old guard alike. I am also a very avid teambuilder always wanting to come up with new sets for current meta threats or sleeper picks alike.
Name godlyreal

Time Zone GMT-0:00

Relevant Social Media godlyreal on discord
godlyreal on twitter godlyreai on roblox :skull:

Accomplishments 4x top 16 limitless tours 2024 Liverpool Regional Seniors player
2x top 8 limitless tours

Bio I am one of the most grindy people i know. give me a chance, and an objective and i will achieve it.
Name gurupatak

Time Zone GMT+01:00

Relevant Social Media gurupatak on sd

Accomplishments 2nd in maustour, top 4 in maustour,1607 current in reg f on showdown and multiple 1800 elo peaks in other regulations on showdown. Also top cut this years winter scramble.

Bio This is my second year in vgc and Ive started to participate in tournaments and I would love to participate and have fun in this one.
Name Simipour

Time Zone GMT-0

Relevant Social Media simipourvgc discord

Accomplishments Top 4 Birmingham Regional/ Top 8 Sheffield Regional
Day 2 Nationals/EUIC x2
Top cut a bunch of tours in 2023 (Won Corv tour, 2nd in Beanie Brawl, Top 16 in end of year Trainers School tour) for other online stuff

Bio I consistently cut online events and am good at piloting different teams especially TR.


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Name Clas

Time Zone GMT+0

Relevant Social Media @Clasbok on discord, @Clastia_ on twitter

Accomplishments No major VGC so far but am hoping for Liverpool top 8, as for singles:
- 2x Smogon WCoP (UK | 2022, 2023)
-1x OUPL (2023)
- 2x OMWC (UK | 2022, 2023)
- 1x OMPL (2023)
- 2023 OM Champs Semifinalist
- 2023 BH Seasonal Winner
- Multiple niche achievements like #1 Monotype ladder w/ peak 100 ELO above #2 (1827) and multi-time Mix and Mega ladder #1

Bio Increasingly active in the VGC scene with a wide array of metagame experiences that allow me to adapt to most metas extremely quickly thanks to my chaotic roots in the equally chaotic and enjoyable Other Metas Mashups (OMM) room. I have a decently decorated competitive experience with the notables listed, but mostly I'm just here to have fun, learn more about VGC, and improve my skill both overall and within VGC.
Name Bright Size

Time Zone GMT-6

Relevant Social Media @Bright_Size on Twitter/X
brightsize on discord

Accomplishments Top16 Regional 2016, handful of Top32 regionals between 2016-2019 (I think like 4 or 5 but I don't remember)
More recently 7-3 40th at San Diego 2023, 6-3 88th at Peoria 2024

Bio Eeveeon7 threatened me to signup. I work fulltime in pharmaceuticals. I am a mod on showdown vgc room I can ban my opponents
Name Flarefox_7

Time Zone GMT-8

Relevant Social Media Discord: flarefox_7

Accomplishments 3rd on Reg. F bo1 ladder (1781)

Bio I'm a relatively new pokemon player. I haven't been playing for long but I really want to get into tournament play. I generally just play high ladder with whatever team I want to use. I think I should be drafted because I think I have the potential to make some great plays and make some great teams, or help others build great teams.E
Name Zerokuroxy

Time Zone GMT-5

Relevant Social Media Discord: return_to_zero_

Accomplishments none

Bio I'm looking forward to improving myself and my skills as a part of this tournament. Also, I'm comparatively fine at VGC and Doubles as a whole.
(also, I'm seriously looking forward to the day when I'm good enough to bring an ariados to a tour and win)


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Name LameLiarLeo

Time Zone GMT+11

Relevant Social Media LameLiarLeo on Twitter, lameliarleowo on Discord.

Accomplishments Cut a few small Limitless tournaments, Peaked 1800 on the Regulation D ladder and 1700 on Regulation E with Iron Valiant. Got reqs for the only doubles suspects I've done within 24 hours, and my badges here if those count. Have given team advice to many and helped them reach Masterball or Top 500 on SD.
6-3 in Smogon Swiss

Bio Very Knowledgeable, especially with teams and sets, main reason I'm a team rater on both Smogcord and Forums, and a C&C mod here. Have a hard time taking ladder seriously and tilt often so my elo and gxe are never impressive, can promise that won't reflect how I perform in matches like these though. Like everyone, looking for opportunities to improve myself and the people around me, I also never shut up about VGC!! (You'll see me in the Meta discussion thread often.) Hope the best for everyone!
Name Michael Crow Jr

Time Zone GMT-5:00

Relevant Social Media Discord: Vicelelelele#2112
Twitter: Vicelelelele

Accomplishments 2nd place in Richmond locals, 2nd place in Limitless tours, 2nd place in her heart </3

Bio I play comp lol for my school, play VGC in the offseason, I like competing and having fun and have a good ladder record on PS
Name Justified Joe

Time Zone GMT-6

Relevant Social Media

Accomplishments Top Cut 8/10 of the SV Tournaments I’ve entered- Mix Limitless/IRL

4/4 Local Champions
4 xTime Local /PC Champion ( 4 first place finishes on Locals Events during SV)
2x Series 1 Champion- Local Non CP
1x Reg D Champion -Local Non CP Cash Prize
1 xReg E- PC +30 CP
Nino Pokebros Top 16 Reg E (69) 12/159
Top 30 Showdown Ladder (74.2 GXE) Reg F

Smogon Winter Premier League -Zui Zoruas (3-3)
USPA Manager - Minnesota Mamoswines
Opal League Manager - Dondozo Bros

Bio I believe that I am a strong player and an active discord presence!I have proven to be one of the most consistent 3k picks in the last few years.Competing at a high level in the previous high skill level leagues such as such as Smogon Winter, Smogon Premier and being previously drafted into NPA (Cruisers 2022) I have been busier and have not had the time to play a ton of IRL events due to financial reasons and a busy work schedule , which has significantly has recently been reduced . When I I have played, I have Top Cut 8/10 of the SV tours I have entered, which include dominating my local scene winning the last 4 in-person events. I am a true student of the game , and enjoy analyzing my play through wins and most importantly losses. I played collegiate sports and , and believe that that has helped me adapt the right mindset and the proper work ethic to play in a high pressure league such as NPA .. I have a career 32-14 record in draft leagues and believe that I am a valuable 3k pick .I also have experience managing multiple teams and was drafted in NPA (Cruisers) in 2022. I am very active and positive , help my teammates and coaches prepare/scout , and have the right demeanor to be a successful NPA player. I would love to get another opportunity to prove myself against the best players in the world and I am hungry for it!
Name babiwi bewey

Time Zone GMT-5:00

Relevant Social Media Discord: glaciervgc
twitter: @GlacierSSBU

Accomplishments 1700+ semi consistently on ladder, Limitless tour top 4 (200+ people), top 32 (400+ people)

Bio 2+ years of VGC and always looking to improve
Play pretty often and have had good success on ladder and in limitless tours
Usually down to help play practice games and help with preperation
Better than robbie at spikemuth cup


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Name Len

Time Zone GMT-8

Relevant Social Media @AlakaPKMN on Twitter

Accomplishments Four regional day t16s played in SV
Four regionals cast in SV

Bio I was the original Tournament Director for NPA on Smogon, that has to be to your advantage right?
Name Moone

Time Zone GMT-05:00

Relevant Social Media Twitter: @MooneMaus

Accomplishments Seniors:
2018 Worlds Day 2
2019 NAIC Top 4
2020 Atlantic City 1st
2020 Dallas 1st

2022 Day 2 Worlds
2023 Top 64 Charlotte Regionals

(And a few online tour wins in various formats)

Bio I want the chance to play against lots of great players so that I can improve my play
Name Matt Cecil / catmeasles

Time Zone GMT-5

Relevant Social Media Twitter catmeasles, Bluesky

Accomplishments Top 32 Portland and Hartford 2023 (day 2 both), Day 1 Worlds 2023

Bio Coming off a successful first full season in 2023, I want to both continue to grow as a player and begin to meet more people in the community since I recognize I’m still relatively unknown. I can be your resident Dondozo player (even if you don’t want one). I also have prior team tournament experience from USPA season 2 and am rostered again in season 3. Plus I messaged the creator of Dondozo and Tatsugiri on Instagram and got his blessing to get them tattooed, so how can you get more legit than that?
Name Boom4Life

Time Zone Gmt-8

Relevant Social Media none

Accomplishments none

Bio trying to learn more abt doubles format, fast learner.
, u shouldn't draft me
Name Ale Piscitelli (SeaSoil)

Time Zone GMT-5

Relevant Social Media SeaSoilVGC on twit, seasoil on disc

Accomplishments 9-5 Hartford 2023, 10-4 NAIC 2023, 10-4 Peoria 2024, went 9-1 in that big bo1 online tour a couple weeks ago

Bio Hard worker, good builder with strong work ethic and great in prep, here for vibes and a custom avi :p
Name Mut-ant

Time Zone GMT+1

Relevant Social Media Discord: Mut-ant (tag: mut_ant)

Accomplishments Top 8 Lille premier challenge

Bio In the last couple of years I have built over 1000 VGC teams so I am pretty good at teambuilding and thus I can adapt to a lot of different opponents.
Name NekuBachi

Time Zone GMT-5

Relevant Social Media Twitter: Nekuvgc

Accomplishments Manager of:
Team Tournaments:

Bio I'm using this tournament to advance my competitive play along with meeting like-minded people who are as motivated in the game as I am. Due to my past experience I hope I can be a real help to a team if I am drafted while also making new connections


Sylveon <3
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Name Choruto

Time Zone GMT+09:00

Relevant Social Media furret_vibing on Discord, @MrChoruto on Twitter

Accomplishments I haven’t competed in many limitless tours or IRL events due to only buying a switch recently. I played in the Tommy Tuesday Christmas tour where I went 7-3, and in terms of Smogon, top cutting the winter scramble tour (Playing sempra game 1 which is gonna be painful). In terms of ladder, and currently top 100 on the Reg F Bo3 ladder with 1529 elo and a 78.7% GXE, and still climbing.

Bio I’ve been playing VGC on and off for a few years, but only recently I’ve gotten into the competitive scene and I’d like to interact more with with the community and players that are better than me. I'm already a team rater on the Smogon discord and online quite a bit, but I think this tour is a great opportunity to talk to strong players and hone my skills.
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Name Suwoong Cheong

Time Zone GMT+9

Relevant Social Media @CheongSuwo46430 (twitter I mean X )

Accomplishments 2017 korean regional top 16 , korean regional runner-up , korean natioanl top16
2018 korean natioanl champion wcs day2
2019 sun korean regional top4
2019 moon korean regional top4
2019 ultra korean national top4 wcs day2
2022 inc feb 1890+ top9

Bio I have lots of passion in VGC. I can help teammates practice teambuilding etc... also it would be helpful that your team have a asian player so that if somebody needs sub emergency
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