Draft Draft League Classic I: ORAS Cup I - Battle Pools 33-64

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Activity Win Request
Me vs Corvere, pool 59
So this is twofold
1. I've asked on Smogon for scheduling with no response but that's fine b/c of Discord
2a. I first requested on discord in pool chat

no response after that

Again, no more response. I'm getting tired of the refusal to schedule, but I'm still willing to battle if corvere is willing to reach out to me. It's getting annoying at this point, and frankly, I don't want to keep chasing after this schedule. I've asked twice, without ever stating any limitations on my schedule and yet corvere still refuses to schedule.

The bigger problem is, the more we wait, the less likely my schedule will work. Right now, I know when I'm available and I can try to change my schedule a little to fit the battle. However, if we wait for like the last day to schedule, I'm not going to be flexible and will have limited time. I feel that corvere is being unreasonable here.

So, corvere, are you willing to schedule or not? If you are, great! We can schedule a battle time! But if you keep procrastinating the scheduling, I think I will have to take the activity win. I'm sorry it came to this. But you can't just wait until the deadline, because your schedule isn't the only one that matters. You have to remember that when you wait too long, other people's schedules won't fit yours.

If corvere is willing to schedule:
My available schedule is
(All times in Pacific Time, or GMT -7)
835 am to 955 am
120pm to 155 pm
120pm to 155 pm
835am to 850 am
120 pm to 300 pm
835 am to 850 am
120 to 155 pm
835 am to 850 am
1220 pm to 155 pm

Other times are possible, but are not certainties.
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