Draft League Summer Seasonal 2023 - Round 3 (Losers Bracket)

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The Draft League subforum's inaugural Summer Seasonal is here! Being the second Type A tour and the first double elimination tour in the circuit, it'll provide a multitude of points towards this year's Draft League Circuit. The tour will be hosted by Nyx and Theia and take place in the [Gen 9] Tera Preview Paldea Dex Draft tier on Pokémon Showdown!

Please note that during the odd numbered bracket rounds after round 2 (so rounds 3, 5, 7 etc.), only the losers bracket will play. This is to ensure that both brackets reach finals at the same time.
The following spoilers will cover the rules for the tour:
  • You have up to 90 points with which to draft 8 Pokémon. Costs are listed on your pool’s tab on the drafting spreadsheet.
  • If a Pokémon is picked by someone else, you may not pick it.
  • For the first round, there is a 12 hour timer. After the first round ends, there will be a continuous 6 hour timer within which you must pick, or you will be skipped, and will be required to make-up your pick when you are next online. All timers are off between 10pm-7am local time (check your pools pinned message for local time).
  • Your timer will halve every time you are skipped. It is recommended to leave picks (with backups) with your pool moderator to avoid this.
  • Once the draft is over, you must declare one Tera Captain. This is the only Pokémon on your draft that may Terastallize.
  • The following complex bans are in place:
    - No Pokémon may use the move Last Respects
    - No Pokémon may use the move Shed Tail.
    - No Pokémon may hold the item Leppa Berry
  • The following Pokémon may not be Tera-Captains:
    :baxcalibur: - Baxcalibur :baxcalibur:
    :dragonite: - Dragonite :dragonite:
    :iron-bundle: - Iron Bundle :iron-bundle:
    :iron-valiant: - Iron Valiant :iron-valiant:
    :palafin: - Palafin :palafin-hero:
    :regieleki: - Regieleki :regieleki:
    :roaring-moon: - Roaring Moon :roaring-moon:
    :tornadus-therian: - Tornadus-Therian :tornadus-therian:
    :urshifu: - Urshifu-Single-Strike :urshifu:
    :zamazenta-crowned: - Zamazenta-Crowned :zamazenta-crowned:
  • The following Pokémon have access to all of their forms (although you may only bring up to 1 to each battle):
    :Pikachu: - Pikachu :Pikachu:
    :Basculin-Blue-Striped: - Basculin :Basculin:
    :Oricorio: - Oricorio :Oricorio-Sensu:
    :Toxtricity: - Toxtricity :Toxtricity-Low-Key:
    :Indeedee-F: - Indeedee :Indeedee:
    :basculegion: - Basculegion :basculegion-f:
    :oinkologne: - Oinkologne :oinkologne-f:
    :maushold: - Maushold :maushold-four:
    :squawkabilly: - Squawkabilly :squawkabilly-blue:
    :tatsugiri: - Tatsugiri :tatsugiri-droopy:
    :dudunsparce: - Dudunsparce :dudunsparce-three-segment:
  • If a Pokémon that is available in SV is untiered, please ask a host.
  • Smogon’s Species Clause applies to your draft.
  • All games must be played in the [Gen 9] Tera Preview Paldea Dex Draft tier on smogtours.psim.us or psim.us.
  • General tournament rules and regulations can be found here.
  • SV cartridge win conditions are in place; there are no ties.
  • Each set is a best-of-one set.
  • The following clauses apply:
    - Species Clause: A player cannot have two Pokémon with the same National Pokédex number on a team.
    - Sleep Clause: If a player has already put a Pokémon on their opponent's side to sleep and it is still sleeping, another one can't be put to sleep.
    - Evasion Clause: A Pokémon may not hold an item, use a move or possess an ability that can increase their evasion stat
    - OHKO Clause: A Pokémon may not have the moves Fissure, Guillotine, Horn Drill, or Sheer Cold in its moveset.
    - Moody Clause: A team cannot have a Pokémon with the ability Moody.
    - Endless Battle Clause: Players cannot intentionally prevent an opponent from being able to end the game without forfeiting.
    - Baton Pass Clause: A Pokémon may not have Baton Pass in its moveset.
  • Any items unreleased in SV are banned.
  • Replays must be posted to the pool/round thread, please mention the result, your opponent's name and your pool number.
  • Rankings within pools may not be 100% accurate as the spreadsheet does not track head-to-head results. Players are ranked based upon: most wins, head-to-head, battle differential.
About Activity Decisions

Activity Decisions / Coin Flips
: In the event that there is an uncompleted match at the deadline, and an extension has not been requested, it will be coin flipped unless one or both of the players involved in the match specifically request an activity win and explain sufficiently why they deserve to win over their opponent. Attempting to schedule a battle is required in order to receive the win by activity. To make it clear that you are requesting an activity win when you post, you must open your post with "Activity Win Request" in bold.

For example, if you believe your opponent is making an unfair request and that they don't deserve the activity win over you, you can either make your own request or quote their post and explain why they don't deserve it. You should try to make your activity win request posts at least 24 hours before the deadline to give your opponent a reasonable opportunity to contest it with their own activity win request.

Please note that all extension requests and activity claims must be posted to the thread, and that all of these will be judged on a case by case basis.

[Credit to the Official Smogon Tournament hosting team for the base form of this rule.]

Round Three
Losers Bracket (Arkhan, Bye, Nyx, Simpleton and ZebstrikemDown are used as substitutes for dropped/banned users because I forgot you can just remove them entirely)
Dhdux  vs  Comedier
JubioHDX  vs  Pollitoshark
potato_enigma  vs  not mishmesh
Kaneki-san  vs  Rwbyred
skimmythegod  vs  Reaper Dude
henguinie  vs  burrg
goofy luffy  vs  Aira Koito
Happygate  vs  lax
Bye 33  vs  kniops
Jack0lantern89  vs  Rissoux
HarmonyHatterene37  vs  Xiphactin
Esmeray  vs  LeoRegulus224
bhkg  vs  Celestiial
Nox was taken  vs  SwordMain
yerdunc  vs  PaperRuby
Kachurin  vs  Orange Fruit
Roufail  vs  teal6
lukxray  vs  shadow gallade yt
Bleedal  vs  TheHelixFossil1
rogueRotom  vs  V4trena
QSN  vs  Dragon246
Dorron  vs  AdamAsh123456
Hospice  vs  Rozza72
Sylvi  vs  BaddyGames
Spcplayzz  vs  Totomon
Ciqarettan  vs  ImmortalMence
q2w3e4r5  vs  Azery
Nametab  vs  Snackard
AgencyIsOwn  vs  Abdul69420
AquaticCarlie  vs  Rainer24
vincemelvin  vs  Knight Sky
E Man  vs  Pandapear
PrinceofUnderworld  vs  GoldenBoot04
lydian  vs  LuciferArtemis
Amaura745  vs  Pranay
Flapple1  vs  deathdragon25o
GGTC  vs  Bye 36
BrutalBjörn  vs  DubiousDSK
Ahnick  vs  Sibales1
prismatic_lazar  vs  Chairman Rose
Ilyes25  vs  Delta4
Don Bork  vs  Ariana.
austinerzs  vs  fatelvl
Coconut | 椰果  vs  Enzonana.
PJB  vs  TheDougArt
kurse  vs  DJTittyFat
HeckOffMate  vs  l3ssth4n3
robjr  vs  Valerie
choptch  vs  DiamondDiancie25
jscurf2  vs  phantomclaw8888
EviGaro  vs  BlazeOfVictory
TeeZwo  vs  Raika
termnal  vs  Fierce Flamethrower
hariyana grande  vs  Kingsous
Bye 34  vs  SpeedyBlu
Your_Shinigami  vs  Rasche
Dark green hue  vs  Frablz
Kerthwack  vs  HJ5ean
Soccerpies  vs  Jappithegreat
Psycho782  vs  TengokuLight
HyperTM  vs  bblano
s1lveryo  vs  HisuAvalugg
Harv  vs  JimmyG
YashGreninja  vs  Fnv enjoyer
Swagata Mitra  vs  Bananacrazy111
Maric28  vs  OdinRM
Demostert  vs  Shaad Skyel
Bean of Destiny  vs  TTK
Benusiek  vs  Mr.Yessir
Hecticashiin  vs  head0fthetable
Tobii079  vs  Joelesheesh
Rocker19304  vs  ItsNimXD
MegaMando  vs  luna107
7ayakum  vs  Sir Slaking
Cryptiiiiiic  vs  chimp
Mxreau  vs  Fieox
JRoberts  vs  Poppinphresh
Bye 37  vs  Rayquaza37
JerseyJared  vs  Huskyy
Aryan3003  vs  KhaBanh
Hacker  vs  Jordy004
Imagina 2 vacas  vs  memedose46
Ghostke  vs  SergeantWafflez
Spwert  vs  5camp
SizzleySnom  vs  BLAZING HAWK
kxiao  vs  moaath324
ComputerWhiz  vs  Samm (13ms)
TDK  vs  Bye 35
Soulblaze  vs  Lyssa
Justinhuang911  vs  AncientFr33z
dark tsunami04  vs  Roodle
Gilmoney02  vs  ITZWhateva
Real GLaDOS  vs  enoelr
silver grace  vs  Arvid
chippysmit  vs  Bullet From The XO
Pachequitos  vs  enjoi18bc
tomcufkibs  vs  Bye 1
kaminjaw  vs  Bye 2
LuxTea226  vs  Bye 3
Fenrir Rune  vs  Bye 4
pigsuit  vs  Bye 5
Ray_Brooks20  vs  Bye 6
SimsyBool  vs  Bye 7
Greentea570  vs  Bye 8
Sir.dee  vs  Bye 9
Crimfinity  vs  Bye 10
MonkeBoi215  vs  Bye 11
Jedonn  vs  Bye 12
shadowtime2000  vs  Bye 13
zomb™  vs  Bye 14
Dabman1069  vs  Bye 15
IcyHallsz  vs  Bye 16
ogalbina  vs  Bye 17
VoidOfDarknesss  vs  Bye 18
daddl_ding  vs  Bye 19
Axelraid2828  vs  Bye 20
Paxerion  vs  Bye 21
TrashMonkey  vs  Bye 22
khmerougegaming  vs  Bye 23
Dyguain  vs  Bye 24
Professor Shuckle  vs  Bye 25
BeautyDevon  vs  Bye 26
Hawhatos  vs  Bye 27
ZardAce  vs  Bye 28
geniusturtle  vs  Bye 29
Flameorbjolt  vs  Bye 30
banito13  vs  Bye 31
KingofKrook  vs  Bye 32

The drafts for each matchup in this round can be found at this link: https://spo.ink/summer_seasonal_2023_bracket_matchups

The extension deadline is Tuesday, July 11th at 11:59 PM GMT-0
All games must be complete by 11:59PM GMT+/-0 on Sunday, 16th July 2023.
Incomplete games will be resolved by the hosts following the Activity Win Rules above.

Here's the challenge command that includes all the teambuilder bans to make it easier for validation. Just paste it in the PMs of your opponent on Smogtours:
/chall gen9terapreviewpaldeadexdraft @@@ -Last Respects, -Shed Tail, -Leppa Berry, -Baton Pass


This thread and all future Summer Seasonal 2023 threads should be considered the final ruling in case of discrepancy between threads, Discord announcements, and Google spreadsheets. Contact a host if you have any questions or spot an error. We are human, after all.​

I was given the win


Anyways - so then I cursed her.
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Draft Leader
Games where replay was sent to me via Discord after the announcement in the server
prismatic_lazar vs Chairman Rose - https://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen9terapreviewpaldeadexdraft-1905239529
SizzleySnom vs BLAZING HAWK - https://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen9terapreviewnatdexdraft-1904442931
Dorron vs AdamAsh123456 - https://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/...-1903205997-x6lreuz0lvgq557cs04h43dpnbn5yg9pw
AquaticCarlie vs Rainer24 - https://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen9terapreviewpaldeadexdraft-1902440659
Act Wins
vincemelvin vs Knight Sky
Amaura745 vs Pranay
vs DubiousDSK
Ahnick vs Sibales1
kurse vs DJTittyFat
choptch vs DiamondDiancie25
jscurf2 vs phantomclaw88
hariyana grande vs Kingsous
Dark green hue vs Frablz
vs Jappithegreat
Swagata Mitra vs Bananacrazy1
Tobii079 vs Joelesheesh
Cryptiiiiiic vs chimp
vs 5camp
ComputerWhiz vs Samm (13ms)
Soulblaze vs Lyssa
Justinhuang911 vs AncientFr33z
chippysmit vs Bullet From The XO
Kachurin vs Orange Fruit
vs teal6
lukxray vs shadow gallade yt
rogueRotom vs V4trena

Nametab vs Snackard
AgencyIsOwn vs Abdul69420
Ahnick vs Sibales1
austinerzs vs fatelvl
Coconut | 椰果 vs Enzonana.
PJB vs TheDougArt
eeZwo vs Raika
vs bblano
s1lveryo vs HisuAvalugg
vs JimmyG
7ayakum vs Sir Slaking
Imagina 2 vacas
vs memedose46
Ghostke vs SergeantWafflez
vs moaath324
silver grace vs Arvid
skimmythegod vs Reaper Dude
henguinie vs burrg
goofy luffy vs Aira Koito
vs LeoRegulus224
Bleedal vs TheHelixFossil1
vs ImmortalMence
QSN  vs  Dragon246






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