Dragon Dance Dragonite (QC 0/2)

name: Dragon Dance Dragonite
move 1: Extreme Speed
move 2: Dragon Ascent / Glaive Rush
move 3: Fire Punch
move 4: Dragon Dance
item: Heavy-Duty Boots
ability: Multiscale
nature: Adament
evs: 252 Atk / 4 Def / 252 Spe
tera type: Normal

Dragon Dance Dragonite is a potent setup sweeper capable of laying ruin to the opposing team after a single Dragon Dance. It is your choice between Dragon Ascent or Glaive Rush as both have different strengths and weaknesses, the former struggles with Garganacl and the latter with Fairy typing. Extreme Speed is your offensive tool to overcome other forms of priority such as Ice Shard and Sucker punch whereas Fire Punch is your primary means of damaging Steel types like Corviknight or Kingambit. The EVs maximize the power of Dragonite and ensure it outspeeds most of the metagame after a single Dragon Dance; Tera Normal is used to bolster the power of Extreme Speed and Heavy-Duty Boots let Dragonite preserve Multiscale and ignore entry hazards. Partners for Dragonite include pivots such as Toxapex, Corviknight, and Rotom-Wash as they enable easy and safe entry. Consider having screen support through Grimmsnarl as they will aid in setting up. Offensive partners include Iron Valiant who can help break past each other's checks and Gholdengo who compliments Dragonite as a Ghost/Steel setup sweeper.

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