Dragonite (flying) [QC 0/3]

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*Dragonite has a fantastic ability in multiscale which allows him to get much better switch in opportunities as well as easy dragon dances if he opens or comes in after a teammate has fainted.
*Dragonite has a brilliant physical movepool outside of STABs (Fire punch, extreme speed, Earthquake, waterfall, Thunder punch) but lacks a reliable flying type STAB. practically his only option is fly which can covert into free setup or switch in for the opponent.
*Dragonite has decent bulk and reliable recovery in roost, meaning he gets decent switch in opportunities when multiscale is no longer in play.
*Stealth rock can be devastating for Dragonite as it leaves him vunerable to being OHKOd or 2HKOd by many offensive Pokemon.
*Thanks to multiscale, Dragonite is practically the only viable weakness policy user.
*Dragonite is by far the the best Dragon dancer for flying type teams. The next best option is salamence, who has worse physical bulk, weaker physical movepool (Extreme speed and fire/thunder punch bring slightly stronger than fire/thunder fang) as well as an ability which makes setup much easier.

Name: Weakness policy
Move 1: Dragon dance
Move 2: Earthquake/ Fire punch
Move 3: Dragon claw
Move 4: Extreme speed
Item: Weakness policy
Ability: Multiscale
Nature: Jolly
Evs: 252 spe / 252 atk / 4HP

*Dragon dance is key, it raises Dragonite's lackluster speed and grants him a monstrous attack stat.
*Earthquake and fire punch both provide key coverage for steel types, Fire punch does that slightly better for steel types thanks to covering skarmory, ferrothorn, celesteela, air balloon heatran and ferrothorn; however, earthquake gives better neutral coverage and is super effective against electric and rock.
*Dragon claw is favoured over outrage as it doesn't give fairy types free switch in and allows weakness policy to be activated(which should not be held on an outrage user thanks to confusion).
*Extreme speed allows it to outspeed and 1 or 2HKO revenge killers.

Set details:
*Evs and a jolly nature are fairly standard and allow Dragonite to his hard and it even outspeeds a max speed investment crobat after a dragon dance.
*Thanks to multiscale, Dragonite can take a super effective hit and come out of it with a swords dance on the first turn when holding a weakness policy.
*Weakness policy is a risky strategy, it can work brilliantly or can hugely backfire, without a speed boost from dragon dance on a switch he is often forced to use extreme speed or get hit by a fatal super effective move, and extreme speed is often not enough to KO even after weakness policy has been activated.

Usage tips

*Should mainly be used to switch in to rock, dragon and fairy type attacks (not ice, 4× weakness can potentially still OKHO even with multiscale if from a Pokémon with high attack or special attack like mamoswine) or alongside dragon dance, after those boosts Dragonite can outspeed and OHKO almost anything.
*If a rock, fairy or dragon type hit is taken alongside using Dragon dance, with good prediction (mostly just anticipating switch-ins and priority) he is practically unstoppable, hitting everything hard and neutrally or super effectively.
*This set can be hit or miss and requires a lot of prediction to work effectively.

Team options
*Defoggers like zapdos,. Skarmory and mantine allow him to switch in and take a super effective hit which does half the usual damage. Skarmory is better for Dragonite thanks to resisting or not taking super effective damage to dragonite's weaknesses.
*Zapdos and thundurus both learn thunder wave which allows Dragonite to outspeed mons that have higher speed than him.
*Zapdos and gliscor can bring Dragonite in safely with a slow U-turn or volt switch.

Name: Dragon dance
Move 1: Dragon dance
Move 2:Outrage
Move 3:Extreme speed
Move 4: Earthquake
Item: Lum berry
Ability: Multiscale
Evs: 252 spe/ 252 atk / 4 HP

*Dragon dance is to be used on full HP to boost attack to massive levels and allow him to outspeed most foes, though using this move outside of max hp is very risky, a good super effective move will likely OHKO without any proper defense investment.
*Outrage is used over dragon claw thanks to its sheer base power, though if their team has a fairy it can be free switch in, though after a single dragon dance it can 2HKO a physically defensive rotom-wash.
*Extreme speed is for revenge killing and situations where you are unable to set up a dragon dance.
*Earthquake is a reliable move and hits extremely hard, and can wipe out plenty of the common steel type in one hit as well as electric and rock.

Set details

*Lum berry prevents confusion from outrage, it is worth noting that it is often used to prevent burns, which truly cripple Dragonite.
*Speed evs and a adamant nature allow him to outspeed an alakazam with full speed investment after a single dragon dance, and attack evs and admant nature take his attack to astronomical levels after a dragon dance.
*Multiscale makes setting up dragon dance much easier, it allows him to get good switch in opportunities and practically a free turn if the opposing Pokémon does not carry super effective moves and stealth rocks is not in play if he comes in on a fainted Pokémon.

Usage tips

*If still on max hp, use dragon dance a second time once it has already been set up.
*Defoggers should be standard for mono flying anyway, but Dragonite in particular is crippled by stealth rock. Avoid stealth rocks at all costs.
*Anticipating switch inside is very important for any outrage user, if they happen to have a fairy then try to stick to earthquake and Extreme speed unless the extra damage is nesseceary.
*Ice types, particularly physically orientated ice types (ice shard) are truly the Achilles heel of Dragonite. Luckily, they are an one of the lesser used types.
Team options
*Mantine, Zapdos and skarmory. Entry hazards removal is key.
*Skarmory and celesteela both provide great weakness coverage.
*A slow U-turn/volt switch can be beneficial from a Pokémon such as zapdos or gliscor.
*Being a classic setup sweeper, wallbreakers such as mega charizard y are a great help to Dragonite.

Name: Choice band
Move 1:Outrage
Move 2:Extreme speed
Move 3: Fire punch/ Superpower
Move 4: Earthquake
Item: Choice band
Ability: Multiscale
Nature: Adamant
Evs: 252 atk / 252 spe / 4 HP


*Outrage is his main move that can OHKOs most Pokemon which don't resist it and does not cripple Dragonite too much with confusion as this Pokemon should not be kept in for long.
*Extreme speed is to counter the many Pokemon which outspeed it and still does great damage with choice band.
*Fire punch counters the common bug and steel, offering good coverage. Superpower is a hard-hitting move to break down the defensive cores of normal and certain dark teams.
*Earthquake hits hard, is super effective against 5 types (which include two of flying's weaknesses) and has no recoil.
Set details
*Choice band takes dragonite's attack to absurd levels and for the hit and run mentality this set is best used with, is not too restricting despite locking him in to a single move.
*Max attack evs and an adamant nature are purely to make each blow as devestating as possible. Speed evs offer a little condolence to base 80 speed, but it is not enough to change how commonly outspeed this set is

Usage tips

*Stealth rock removal is still massive, Dragonite still has a brilliant defensive ability on max hp in multiscale which should be preserved, it gives him massive bulk before being damaged.
*Burn, paralysis, and sleep are all practically a death sentence to Dragonite, switch out on a suspected thunder wave, will-o-wisp or spore.
* Dragonite shouldn't be kept in for too long, his main purpose is for weakening Pokémon for revenge killers to pick off at the end of the battle.
*Commonly outspeed, after taking a hit Dragonite will often be OHKOd be a super effective move.
*Thanks to massive attack, Dragonite is a strong wallbreaker.

Team options:
*Entry hazards removers. Skarmory, Mantine and zapdos do it best, skarmory is slightly better for Dragonite thanks to resisting or taking neutral damage from Dragonite's weaknesses.
*Zapdos and thundurus as thunder wave users, this gives Dragonite a chance to outspeed quick foes.
*Zapdos gets a slow volt switch to bring Dragonite in and gliscor gets a slow U-turn.
*Thundurus/ zapdos and charizard-y are immune to paralysis and burn respectively, both of which are big threats to Dragonite.
*Sweepers can take advantage of Dragonite's wallbreaking capabilities.

Checks and counters
*Fairy types with physical bulk and good attack can wall Dragonite and return the damage with a moonblast, dazzling gleam or play rough.
*Dragonite's not running a choice band set can easily be walled by Pokemon with physical bulk, ferrothorn on sets without fire punch an air balloon heatran being the best examples.
*Ice shard users such as mamoswine and weavile leave Dragonite without options, if multiscale is out the way he is faced with two options, switch, or hopelessly try to OHKO with Extreme speed.
*Ditto not only devestates Dragonite, it can devestate whole teams if he transforms into a dragon dance boosted Dragonite, as he will not be OHKOd thanks to multiscale.
*Dragonite is completely reliant on multiscale, stealth rocks take that out and leave Dragonite extremely vulnerable.
*Burns are a massive problem for Dragonite, switch out on a suspected burn unless he happens to be holding a Lum berry.
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Sorry but this doesn't meet C&C standards. Formatting is all wrong and there's no Other Options at all.

More importantly, though, it doesn't seem like you have a good understanding of Dragonite. The Usage Tips and Team Options sections don't really give any critical or even just useful information to the reader.

Weakness Policy is at best an Other Option, definitely not a set, and definitely not the first set. There's also just wrong information here such as "Speed evs and a adamant nature allow him to outspeed an alakazam with full speed investment after a single dragon dance". Dragonite is outsped by Timid Alakazam and Modest Mega Alakazam.

QC would have to restart from scratch here, so I'm reassigning this. Feel free to reserve something else after reviewing C&C standards and becoming more familiar with Monotype.
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