Announcement DragonWhale is now a Moderator!

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Hey Battle Spot fans, I'd like to announce that DragonWhale is now officially a mod of this forum!

He's been with us for a long time and is very qualified, so we look forward to seeing how he does here. He's also going to be key to our new tournament and leaderboard system which we'll be unveiling soon. Not yet though, so we'll keep you in suspense for now :heart:

Feel free to use this thread to say your congratulations, roasts, etc. Congrats DW!
Grats dw, definitely well deserved after all the work you've put in for the community hosting bspl, twitch streams etc.
Wait he wasn't a mod prior to now?
I miss my days of killing everything as a mod.
Congrats and don't have too much fun, people get mad when mods have fun. :P
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