Announcement Drifloon and Vulpix have been banned from Gen 8 Little Cup

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With the arrival of Pokemon HOME, the Little Cup council has decided to ban Drifloon and Vulpix (regular). Cherubi will be unbanned.

With the release of Pokemon HOME, Drifloon has re-gained access to Recycle, which allows it to greatly sustain itself over the course of a game by constantly recovering its Berry Juice. While a huge buff to its Specially Offensive set, this also allows its infamous AcroWisp set to be viable once again. These sets in tandem make Drifloon extremely difficult to reliably check, as checks for one will not reliably check the other.

Vulpix is being banned in place of Cherubi because of Bulbasaur's release. Bulbasaur is for all intents and purposes a better Cherubi, having access to Weather Ball but also having an additional STAB in Sludge Bomb, as well as being faster and bulkier. The reason for banning Vulpix is because with Bulbasaur's existence the council feels that Vulpix is providing too much support overall, helping foster an extremely powerful archetype in Sun. Regular Ponyta has also returned, strengthening Sun teams even further. Once again, because of this change, Cherubi will be unbanned.
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