Announcement Drifloon Suspect Voter Identification Thread

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Post here if you've achieved the suspect requirements, which are as follows:
GXEminimum games

Please post a screenshot that shows your alt having the requirement, as well as proof that the alt belongs to you. Make sure all the information is shown or your post will be ignored. Remember that your alt must start with "lcds" to count.

The suspect period will end on December 29th at 11:59 PM EST.
After trying more than 10 times to deal with 83 Gxe, after suffering all the disrespectful dumbasses of the ladder, after failing and trying again and failing again, after going through literal hell to get the reqs, here I am to strongly express my... gratitude! Thanks very much whoever decided to make the reqs so challenging, thanks to you, I explored in depth the LC Metagame of SS and now I have an enormous army of diverse teams ready to face anyone in whatever LC tournament is organized in the next days/weeks. Hopefully it becomes a tradition to make Suspect Tests this hard in order to motivate me to build more to achieve the reqs.
Here is the proof that I earned my right to decide the fate of Drifloon:

Drifloon Reqs.png

Special thanks to Real FV13 , voltix31 and EriDBst for helping me with the team that finally achieved it, to Hecty (don,t know you account here, sorry) for always supporting me in whatever stupid stuff I am up with and to Garay oak to be an easily haxeable punch bag on ladder.
Screen Shot 2019-12-30 at 10.19.23 AM.png

HURRAY!!! I will provide a sketch of my team to try to give people inspiration.

It's not filled out so I leave the rest to your imagination but I noted moves I thought I didn't see used much that gave me the advantage quite a bit. As for 15 speed tie warrior Pancham his set is in there in its entirety. I love how he can deal with soooo many things when he is set up like ferroseed, spritzee, mareanie, etc. Using webs support gets the best out of him.

Aside from that I wish everyone the best of luck! :pimp:
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