drugs (we're gonna get hi, hi, hi)

oh what the fuck. that's what i meant dude, but we call it pollen here. i linked to pollen (flower) and didn't even notice. that was dumb.

Moral of the story: have food when you are getting stoned.
definitely the most important 'rule' i took of that experience. this is one of the reasons amsterdam is so great: it totally caters to the stoner type. it has LOADS of mcdonalds, burger kings, subway and other fast food chains scattered around the streets


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Damn dude, was that shit chronic? Because the first time I smoked pot, I bought an 8th and chain smoked it while my stoner friends watched since they wanted to see if I could get high my first time. The second time I smoked, we bought a quad and split it between four people. It was perfect. I was high for 8+ hours and laughed for the majority of the time.

Quick question though; What do you guys think about opium laced weed? I've been wanting to try it lately.

Don't bother. Pop a couple of hundred mg codiene with a joint instead. I picked up a quarter of weed and a bit less of squidge this week - my boy (boyfriend? idk possibly) is coming down for the weekend, we're going to spend it stoned watching toy story eating expensive chocolate puddings. Considering picking up some MDMA for valentines day too - I know I said NO MORE MDMA EVER but like, it's valentines day, whats more romantic than MDMA?
How about just popping a couple hundred mg of codeine minus the weed? I've got quite a bit left over from wisdom teeth extraction, and really nothing that I can use it for. Is it worth it by itself?
Also have to look into whatever else is in the pills (I know they've got caffeine, but I'm not sure about other stuff). They're not tylenol three's, but they were something similar.
I went to a required drug seminar last night at IU and it ended up that some of my buddies were in it. So, after it was over I went to their house and ended up tripping on what was apparently some super dank acid. We tripped for 12+ hours off of one hit and I had the craziest visuals of my life. But, some crazy sociopathic dude and his girlfriend were screaming and fighting the entire time and it fucked with me soooo bad. Today doesn't even feel real.
Had my first hit of Salvia yesterday, was weird as fuck. Took a drag off of my mate's pipe, held it in my lungs and then I went, couldn't talk at all, I felt like I was outside of my own body (to a certain extent) and I was laughing like crazy once I got over the initial confusion.

Would definitely do it again.

Possibly trying 'shrooms tomorrow, might give it a miss, not really in the mood I don't think :/


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I'm tired of people telling me I look very thin and that I'm not eating enough. I'm also tired of not being able to eat practically anything without feeling like shit, and thus not being able to go out (the very few times I actually want to go out).

So does anyone know of an OTC appetite enhancer? I googled some stuff and those seem to be in the border between OTC and script med.

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you sound like a john, and yes you could easily do that since its impossible to OD on weed. You could try working out to boost your appetite too if this isn't your forte


i woke up in a new bugatti
you sound like a john, and yes you could easily do that since its impossible to OD on weed. You could try working out to boost your appetite too if this isn't your forte
the hell is a john

also who said anything about ODing on weed.
I think he just meant in general.
Like your name might be john. or something
You look like a mark. You know.
But ya smoking weeds three times a day is probably impractical at best and dehabilitating at worst. Hell I can't even smoke weed two days in a row without loosing all ability to do work.
Chronic and white widow was pretty fly.

Also: the green crack from Athens georgia + animal collective....

...Holy shit I get high just listening to that album because of the combo.
Those are types of weed not bands, monfrair.

Except for animal collective.

I didn't like salvia and I want to try shrooms and acid once.

Probably would roll too given the chance.

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Well I assumed the reason you were worried about doing that 3 times a day would be because you were worried about health risks. Not because you just get lazy and don't feel like doing anything while high, cause for me I do all the shit I gotta do. My bad -_-
Nooo why is the drugs thread this low down. It's all I come to Smogon for anymore.

Anyway, did shrooms today and they were fucking bizarre. The first part with all the colours etc was sick, I thought the clouds were pink and everything was lovely and vibrant. I just went for a walk and just chatted shit for a fair bit. Me and a mate were tripping to fuck and were going to go conquer lands, eat meat and drink ale. Pretty much just went all medieval while tripping. I did get a bit pensive towards the end of it, but I calmed myself down and just rode it out.

Was still an experience though, definitely not regretting it.

Anyone know how long you should leave between shroom sessions to stop yourself building up a tolerancy? Or if you do at all? I don't want to go eating shrooms in a few days and not getting any sort of trip...
my friend made an oz and a half of shroom chocolates an consumed them all in a week. he said it was fine
iirc the caps hold the compound that makes you trip and the stems hold the compound that makes you high correct me if im wrong
vomit story

Speaking of hangovers, what do people usually experience? As a kid I always thought hangovers just gave you a really bad headache and you could be in bright places, but every time I've been hungover I just throw up more.
yeah waking up in a pool of your own anything is not fun at all

i've had nights like yours but for the last however-many times i've gotten drunk with friends i've handled my limits pretty well and the hangover, if i have one, usually keeps itself to a dull headache, nausea, and light to heavy claustrophobia depending on how hard i was hitting it
I think I shouldn't mix weed and alcohol unless I have a limited supply (>6 ounces) of liquor. If I'm just drinking I can usually make sure I don't drink too much/drink water but mixing with other stuff usually makes me drink more.
Tried caffeine (pills)/alcohol mix for like the fourth time last weekend. I really need to do it more often. Just makes for such an awesome party. Would crushing and snorting caffeine pills be more worthwhile than normal (oral) ingestion?

Just had 90mg of codeine/acetaminophen compound a little while ago. Not feeling much besides minor itching though, we'll see what happens. I need to do something with all these pills, and when I got them for wisdom teeth removal the nurse said I wouldn't be in any pain because the drugs they were giving me were good enough to be sold on the street so I took that as a hint that they could be abused and then never used them while my wisdom teeth were healing.

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