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drugs (we're gonna get hi, hi, hi)

So are drugs expensive? (weed, mdma, shrooms basically. the "safe" drugs. no needles or anything.)

Or does it -entirely- depend on where you're looking?
Depends on where you live.

Where I live a 100$ dollar can get me enough Hash for more than a month.

MDMA prices vary from 10$ up to 50$ a pill. Most cheap pills are fake and the pure MDMA is really hard to come by.

100$ get you a gram of decent coke. 130$-150$ for better quality. But you can get a gram for 60$-80$ and also risk your life and future.
I've only done weed and tobacco. I remember my first day of college and one of my upperclassmen sponsors talked about all the drugs he's done and I was shocked he was still a functioning human. And then I learned that most stuff I learned in school was wrong and pretty much that meth is the worst. I would like to try esctasy and coke though.
My test will be early to mid sept and last time i smokes was two weeks ago it was a dumb slip up and i shouldve stayed clean but now im freakin out
Tried eating my first AVB edible last night with some friends. I put 2 grams of AVB on a toasted nutella sandwich. It took about 3 hours to fully kick in, but holy shit that was fantastic


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even the cops don't hair test in my state why the fuck is a high school doing it

yeah if you've smoked at all in the past 1-3 years depending on your size it's gg
I have always heard ~3 years for hair tests too, though I cannot name the source. hair tests in general are highly unusual though, particularly for a high school? seems odd to me


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uhh is there any time frame at all for hair tests? like if you smoked at one point and the hair that was growing from your scalp at that time is still currently on your head, there's not a time limit is there? it's just until the hair is gone I thought

also also please don't shave your head right before your school does hair drug testing because I think that's substantially more retarded thean just getting caught

but I'm not sure where you live/what the repercussions would be if you got caught so actually don't listen to me at all and use your own judgement

oh also also oslo I won a launch box at the hotbox on their magic night the saturday before last
wasn't even going to enter the draw cos I was dealing with a backwoods when he was handing around the slips of paper then my friend said "don't do that you fucking retard" and she wrote down stuff for me

and here I am now

donkey kong and meowmix were my wizard name and password so if you ever need some lucky words that need to be written on a piece of paper 10/10 would recomend
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Has anyone here tried LSD before? I might consider using that drug sometime after I move out of my parents house. I've tripped on saliva around 60-70 times and done psilocybin mushrooms twice. It has been over two years since I have done any hallucinogenic drugs so I may be out of practice when it comes to handling these type of drug's intense effects. The main thing keeping me from using LSD it in the past is that it supposedly stays in your spine for the rest of your life and forces a random trip at some random point in the future after doing LSD.
The thing about your spine is completely untrue. If you have the opportunity I would highly recommend it as long as you test it to make sure it isn't some research chemical. LSD is just such a beautiful, beautiful experience.


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lsd is pretty much a longer shrooms trip. some people say shrooms make you feel less in control of the trip but i dont have enough exp with psychs other than lsd to comment. lsd is my favorite drug but be careful, if you are irresponsible you can have A Bad Time

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i would avoid all public venues. stay at home, have a sober friend. plan your trip (this is big), have a playlist and activities ready. once shit sets in you will have no idea what you want to do.

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