DUbers Jr. - Round 1

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DUbers Jr.
With there being so many mons in the Dubers format that lack viability, I wanted to have a tournament that would give them a chance at glory by banning many of the high-tier mons in the format.

Tornament Rules:
  • Tournament Rules and General Guidelines can be read here.
  • Tournament structure is best-of-three single elimination.
    • You may change teams in between games of the same round.
  • Replays must be posted. Any games without a replay posted will not count.
  • This tournament will use the Doubles Ubers rule set as a base, which can be read about here.
    • In addition, the following Pokemon are banned:
      • Arceus-Fairy
      • Arceus-Normal
      • Arceus-Ghost
      • Arceus-Ground
      • Primal Groudon
      • Primal Kyogre
      • Lunala
      • Magearna
      • Necrozma-Dusk-Mane
      • Mega Rayquaza
      • Xerneas
      • Yveltal
Round 1
RaJ.Shoot vs. FamousVGC
qsns vs. Will-I-am
Derivatives vs. PapaBisexual
Yellow Paint vs. Lorex
Tom Copson vs. Mr. Miner
Havens vs. Nephtyrix
EricSaysHi vs. NintendoKenny
SocialSocialSocial vs. slowbropam

The deadline for this round is Monday, September 24 at 11:59 PM PDT.
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didn't even get tagged for this, but we'll figure out a way to get it done asap
EricSaysHi, you should edit your post and put in the replays of our match. I made sure they were uploaded, so you should be able to find them.

Anyways, I've noticed that some the players still haven't contacted each other through visitor messages, so I'll be sure to send them a message soon to remind them to get their matches in.

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