Gen 6 Dugtrio (ORAS Revamp) Ready for QC


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Poor Dugtrio. In a tier that is plentiful with Ground types, such as Landorus-Therian, Garchomp, and Excadrill, Dugtrio struggles to set itself apart from the rest of the pack. Arena Trap, Dugtrio's best ability by far, was retroactively banned in ORAS due to trapping being deemed uncompetitive, which got rid of the primary reason to use Dugtrio, and because it was Overused all throughout ORAS, it cannot be dropped into a lower tier where it would be far better suited. It's paltry attack stat of 80 mean that it will not break popular walls such as Clefable, Landorus-Therian, and Skarmory, while its very pitiful defenses mean that even resisted attacks do too much for it to ever be able to switch into its opponents. Dugtrio still retains its impressive speed tier of 120, but that is little consolation from the fact that it is mostly outclassed as an attacker by every Ground type in the tier. If you choose to use Dugtrio, a Choice Band set on Dugtrio can attempt to alleviate Dugtrio's lack of power, while still benefiting from that great Speed-Tier, but Garchomp and Excadrill are much better Ground-Type attackers thanks to higher attack stats and better typings, and despite the Attack buff that Choice Band gives, Dugtrio struggles to break past any remotely bulky pokemon. Because of this, Dugtrio is sadly completely outclassed, and it should not be a serious consideration for any team in Overused.
name: Choice Band
move 1: Earthquake
move 2: Stone Edge
move 3: Memento
move 4: Sucker Punch
item: Choice Band
ability: Sand Force
nature: Jolly
evs: 252 Atk / 4 Def / 252 Spe

- Earthquake is Dugtrio's best STAB option which can be used to hit Steel and Fire Types like Heatran. However, even with a Choice Band, Dugtrio lacks the ability to knock out Mega Metagross from full. Stone Edge provides Dugtrio coverage to hit Flying Types such as Mega Charizard Y hard, however just like Earthquake, it is not powerful enough to knock out over Flying types such as Zapdos. Memento is one of Dugtrio's best moves, as it lowers the attacking stats of the opposing Pokemon which most often forces a switch, freeing pokemon such as Mega Charizard X, Mega Scizor, and Excadrill to set-up. Sucker Punch is a risky priority move that can revenge kill Latios and Mega Alakazam.

Max Speed and Max Attack and a Jolly Nature allow Dugtrio to take advantage of its great speed tier.. Sand Force is the ability of choice as it can abuse opposing Tyranitar's Sand Stream for powerful Earthquakes.Thanks to its minuscule bulk, Dugtrio is too frail to switch in, and needs Volt-Turn or double switchs to come in. Memento should only be used on Pokemon that your team members can set-up on or and for momentum.

[Other Options]
Stealth Rocks can be used on Dugtrio, but Dugtrio is a bad setter of them, and can not beat any defogger. Reversal is powerful enough to OHKO Ferrothorn from full if Dugtrio gets low on health, but is generally a risky and inferior option. Pursuit can allow for Dugtrio to trap Psychic Types, but if any of them choose to stay in, then Dugtrio cannot even dent them. Choice Scarf is an option, but Dugtrio becomes a much weaker attcker without Band, and Scarf is completely outclassed by Choice Scarf Garchomp. A suicide lead Focus Sash set of Stealth Rocks, Earthquake, Memento, Toxic is theoretically usable, but it is outclassed by Azelf who can actually punish defoggers with Taunt, unlike Dugtrio

[Checks and Counters]
- Bulky Pokemon
Despite the attack buff that Choice Band gives, Dugtrio simply will not break any walls that are not weak to its moves. Any pokemon without a weakness to Earthquake and Stone Edge can mercilessly wall Dugtrio back and forth such as Mega Scizor and Rotom-Wash. Other bulky pokemon such as Clefable and Suicune can simply use Dugtrio as Calm Mind bait. Bulky grass types such as Ferrothorn, Tangrowth, and Amoonguss can also wall out Dugtrio.

-Flying Types
Pokemon such as Skarmoy, Zapdos, and Landorus-Therian can easily switch in on Dugtrio's earthquake with little to no punishment and precede to defog, set up hazards, or spread status. Landorus sticks out as the best counter for Dugtrio since it can use it for set-up fodder.

- Anything faster
Despite Dugtrio possessing a blistering speed as one of its only positive traits, it is still out sped by popular Mega pokemon such as Mega Lopunny, Mega Manectric, and Mega Alakazam, who all are capable of bringing it down, though Alakazam must be wary of Sucker Punch. Other pokemon that can carry a Choice Scarf such as Keldeo easily can bring down Dugtrio as well

- Priority
Due to Dugtrio not taking hits well, any priority move is cause for concern on it. Powerful pokemon such as Azumarill, Mega Scizor, and Breloom are capable of using their priority moves to OHKO or heavily dent it, ignoring Dugtrio's speed tier entirely. Talonflame is another powerful priority attacker that Dugtrio must worry about, as it can use Brave Bird to make short work of Dugtrio
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I believe that this is QC ready.

Also as a question, should I put in a line of explanation as to why Dugtrio is still OU despite being garbage in it and not another tier like PU

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