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Hey peeps, I've been meaning to open this art thread for a little bit now, and with Inktober finally here, I decided it would be a good time. This first post will have my first week's worth of drawings. I'll post my Inktobers or weekly, I haven't decided. In addition, I'll also be posting other pieces I create along the way. Enjoy my ghostly Inktobers~

Inktober Day 1- Ring.jpg
Inktober Day 2- Mindless.jpg
Inktober Day 3- Bait.jpg
Inktober Day 4-Freeze.jpg
Inktober Day 5- Build.jpg
Inktober Day 6- Husky.jpg
Inktober Day 7- Enchanted.jpg


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There's something heart-warming about watching people have fun with their inktober drawings. Kudos on keeping up with it and good luck with the rest!

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