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  • one of the better TR setters that full TR has available
  • it's bulky as fuck! A reliable TR setter as it can set TR on most threats that have to rely on KOing to stop it
  • also passive as fuck! Can be a bit of a momentum drain, it doesnt really pose much of a threat by itself
    • pain split and night shade can make it quite annoying as it's adept at putting in chip while also living forever
  • bulk + wisp can make it quite effective at checking physical attackers in particular
  • lack of immediate presence can lead it to being easily and eventually getting overwhelmed, particularly by special attackers
  • if it gets taunted it's done bro
name: Trick Room Setter
move 1: Trick Room
move 2: Night Shade / Brick Break
move 3: Will-O-Wisp
move 4: Pain Split
item: Eviolite
ability: Frisk
nature: Relaxed
evs: 252 HP / 96 Def / 160 SpD
ivs: 0 Spe

Set Description
  • Trick Room reverses dimensions! or something like that
  • Night Shade is useful for the chip chip; Brick Break is to enable the heat strat of activating a WP on Rhyp with the added bonus of actually breaking screens from grimm and gmax lap lmao
  • Will-O-Wisp lets u keep in line the plethora of physical attackers in the metagame
  • Pain Split lets Clops be around for longer while also being annoying with chip chip
  • spread + nature + eviolite: lives +6 Darkest Lariat from Lax, SpDef dump
Usage Tips
  • only use this in TR teams bro, semiroom teams have better options and this isn't worth using outside of TR builds
  • set TR a$ap when u reasonably can bro, this is its entire MO
    • dont be afraid to leverage its mad bulk, but at the same time dont take unnecessary damage when youll be relying on clops for the reset
    • leading clops with indeedee is a good idea bc it can reliably set TR even through strong repeated spread attacks, which is a typical way of checking typical redirection + Trick Room leads
  • dusclops can be quite effective walling foes and generally applying chip damage but take note that this isnt necessarily the best way to spend TR turns; switch to your hitters to push the advantage bro
    • this kind of thing is better later in the game, when closing out a game through attrition becomes needed
    • dusclops can be quite handy if running brick break w/ wp rhyp, being quite the enabler and letting it push a game state itself
  • watch out for taunt vro
Team Options
  • Indeedee :0
  • Other TR setters because u r only using this in fullroom bro
  • TR attackers
    • Rhyp is flames, esp with Brick Break if WP
    • Torkoal is literal flames duh
    • Lax duh
  • Scrafty could be ok, fake out and he's strong-ish enough with CC lol
Other Options
  • Gravity :jynx:
  • Ally Switch
  • HH
  • Disable
Checks and Counters

**Ghost-types**: Pult like the only ghost type around lol, cant be faked out if thats your thing (indeedee helps), Aegi and Chand too i suppose

**Dark-types**: Hydrei, Tar

**Strong Attackers**: just keep hitting it bro it'll probably die eventually. Strong special attackers like sylveon and zard are handy specifically because they dont have to fear wisp

**Taunt**: lmao, Whimsicott, Corv, Gyara

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I've been seeing most Dusclops running Bulldoze instead of Brick Break. It lets you activate Weakness Policy with an even weaker move while getting chip on opponents. The speed drop will hopefully allow your Rhyperior to "outspeed" future opponents under Trick Room as well.

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