EH's Spitback Splurge! -Free Pokemon in Dive Balls!

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Welcome all to my thread! The purpose of this thread is to provide free spitbacks to you all for which you may use for your own breeding purposes or to use however you please. All Pokemon here are fully re-distributable.

Note: I really like Diveballs and Premier Balls so if you see Pokemon specifically bred with Premier Balls or Diveballs, it's just a specific preference I have despite possibly (and most likely) not matching the Pokemon at all. If it bothers you, just feel free to request a Male Pokemon so you can then bred it with a female to pass on whichever ball you'd like on it.

I am more of a battler than a breeder.
And with that being said, my thread will expand as I make new party members, so excuse it's very small stature as of right now. My thread will continue to be a work in progress.

Additional Information:
None of my Pokemon are cloned and they are bred the old fashion way. I don't have access to a Powersave or any of that sort.

*All Pokemon are Level 1 Untouched and bred by me unless otherwise stated.

Credits to ProjectTitan313 for providing a Parent with Partial Eggmoves :)


  • Counter
  • Curse
  • Acid Armor
  • Iron Tail

Ability:Gooey(Hidden Ability)

1.(M) 31/31/31/31/x/31

2.(M) x/31/31/31/31/31

3.(M) x/31/31/31/31/31

4.(M) x/31/31/31/31/31

5.(M) x/31/31/31/31/31

6.(F) 31/31/31/31/x/31

7.(F) x/31/31/31/x/31

8.(F) 31/31/31/31/31/x

9.(M) x/31/31/31/31/31

10.(F) 31/31/31/31/x/31

11.(M) x/31/31/31/31/31

12.(M) 31/31/31/31/x/31

13.(M) 31/x/31/31/31/31

14.(M) x/31/31/31/x/31

15.(M) 31/31/x/31/31/31

16.(F) 31/31/31/31/31/x


1. (M) x/31/31/31/x/31

2. (M) x/31/x/31/31/31

3. (M)31/31/31/31/x/x

4. (M) 31/31/31/x/31/31

5. (F) x/x/31/31/31/31

6.(M) 31/31/x/31/31/31

Ability:Sap Sipper

1.(M) 31/31/31/x/31/31

2.(F) 31/31/x/31/31/31

3.(F) 31/31/31/31/31/x

4.(F) x/31/x/31/x/31

5.(F) x/31/31/x/31/x

6.(M) x/x/31/31/x/31

7.(M) 31/31/31/31/x/31

8.(M) 31/x/31/31/31/31

9.(F) x/31/31/31/x/31


  • Detect
  • Wish
  • Curse
  • Yawn
(Note that Eevee were bred with a Ditto with IV's: 31/0/31/31/31/31 to minimize Foul Play damage and with that being said the attack stats in the Eevee's generally should be 0.)



1.(M) 31/x/31/x/31/31

2.(M) x/x/31/x/31/31

3.(M) 31/x/31/x/31/31

4.(M) 31/x/31/31/x/31


6.(M) 31/x/31/x/31/31

7.(M) 31/x/31/x/31/31

8.(M) 31/x/31/x/31/x

Ability: Run Away

1. (M) 31/x/x/31/31/31

2. (M) 31/x/x/31/31/31

Credits to Snoopy's Adoption thread for the eggmoves and to Tatertot for providing me with a Larvitar I now use for VGC through one of his giveaways. :)


  • Pursuit
  • Stealth Rock
  • Iron Head
  • Dragon Dance


1. (F) 31/31/x/31/31/31

2. (F) 31/31/x/31/31/31

3. (F) 31/x/31/31/31/x

4. (F) 31/31/31/x/31/x

5.(F) 31/31/x/31/31/x

6.(M) 31/31/31/31/31/x

7.(M) 31/31/x/31/31/x

8.(F) 31/31/31/31/x/31

9.(M) x/31/31/31/31/x

10.(F) 31/31/31/x/31/x


12.(F) x/31/31/31/31/x

13.(F) 31/x/31/31/31/x


  • Quick Guard
  • Tailwind (Although it does learn it through level up as well)

Ability:Gale Wings(Hidden Ability)

1.(M) 31/x/31/x/31/31

2.(F) 31/31/x/x/31/31

3.(M) 31/x/31/x/31/31

Ability:Big Pecks

1.(F) 31/31/x/x/31/31

2.(F) 31/31/x/31/31/31


  • Toxic Spikes

(Also note that for Froakie, I was breeding for HP Grass and therefore some of these rejects may have HP Grass or HP Electric) (In addition to that it was bred with an HP Grass Ditto [Thanks lockiegengar12!] so those x's may be 30 IV's)

Ability:Protean(Hidden Ability)

1.(F) 31/x/31/x/31/x

2.(F) 31/x/x/31/31/31

3.(M) 31/x/x/x/31/31

4.(M) 31/x/x/x/31/31


6.(M) x/x/31/x/31/31

7.(M) 31/31/31/x/31/x

8.(F) 31/x/31/x/x/31

9.(M) 31/x/31/x/31/31


1.(M) 31/31/x/31/31/31

2.(M) 31/x/x/31/x/31

3.(M) 31/x/31/x/31/31

4.(M) 31/31/x/31/31/31

Please copy and paste the Pokemon's number as well as the IV spread and Ability when requesting a Pokemon. Thank you and enjoy!

You may now post!
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Raymon received a Goomy.
kbullard26 received a Larvitar and a Froakie.



Houndour -Level ball Eggmoves:(Reversal, Destiny Bond, Sucker Punch, Counter)
Jigglytuff- Moon ball,
Pinsir - Safari ball Eggmoves: (Feint, Me First, Quick Attack, Close Combat) (Jolly) Ability:Mold Breaker
Starly - Level ball
Onix - Dreamball - Eggmoves: (Flail, Block, Rock Climb, Heavy Slam) Ability: Dry Armor
Sneasel - Moonball - Eggmoves: (Fake out, Ice Punch, Pursuit, Counter)
Pidgey -Level Ball - Eggmoves: (Steel wing and Brave Bird)
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Hi:) if it's possible to get multiple pokes can I get:

1. the male sassy sap sipper goomy (number 8, 31-x-31-31-31-31)?
2. jolly larvitar, 8. (F) 31/31/31/31/x/31
3. Froakie, Protean: 9.(M) 31/x/31/x/31/31
4. Fletchling, Gale Wings 2.(F) 31/31/x/x/31/31
5. Eevee, adaptability, 1.(M) 31/x/31/x/31/31

Thanks dude this is a really cool thread:)
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