Eisen's Breeding-Ready Ditto Army

Hello Eisen

Pokemon requested: Prfctsassy ditto item if possible safety googles
Pokemon deposited: Mareep male level 6 naughty nature in pokeball
IGN: CrystalTipps
Message I want to trade for a treasured Pokemon that has been raised from an egg
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IGN: Raven
Deposited: Female, Level 13, Mareep (named floof niggy) in a pokeball
Message: "KEK"


Nickname: Ditto
Nature: Timid
IVs: 31/0/31/30/31/30 [HP Fire]

Thank you based Eisen!
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IGN: Gabriel
Deposited: Male, level 51 Flaaffy in a Pokeball
"Perfect" Ditto (the first one) without item
Message: Default
Ty in advance!
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Requested: Perfect(i just need a 6iv ditto)
Requested item: Gold Bottle Cap
Deposited: Level 14 Male Mareep
IGN: Nella
Message: I want to fill my Pokedex with other languages.
Requested: SpAQuiet
Requested item: Destiny Knot
Deposited: Level 32 female Cottonee
IGN: Stephen

- I want to fill my pokedex

edit: thanks!
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Pokemon Requested: Perfect Jolly Ditto (with a Destiny Knot, please!)
Deposited: Level 10 Male Ekans in a Poke Ball, nicknamed Boey
IGN: Roy
edit: he appears to have been sniped! it's alright though, thank you anyway! i'll strike this through.
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