Eisen's Breeding-Ready Ditto Army

Need this on my 6th gen OR game please.

Pokemon Requested: All30's @Ability Capsule
IGN: Jer
Deposit: Porygon lvl36
Note: BIG Thnaks
I'd honestly take an all 31, was a bit of a toss up what I wanted to ask for. The 30's just sounded nifty. Thanks either way, rad thing you've got going on here <3

Thanks you so much <3
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Requesting: Perfect
Trading: Crabrawler (Mike) Lv 18
IGN: ReksDee
Can you attach a destiny knot to the ditto pls? If you cant then its fine.
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Requesting: Perfect Ditto
Trading: Floette, Female, Level 56
IGN: Michael
Message: Please trade pokemon with me. Thanks in advance.
Requesting: SpaCalm
Trading: Cutiefly, Female, Level 11
IGN: Crimgan

Thanks in advance.

Yeah, my Cutiefly got sniped twice in my most recent Ditto request and I had to replace it each time. Everyone should check back every so often to make sure their sacrificial offering Pokémon hasn’t been sniped.
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Banned deucer.
yo do u have a foren ditto bc im from usa so a japon or chinesse ditto would be helpful for my shiny hunts
Okay here's my request again with a different deposit.


Nickname: PrfctBrave
Brave | Limber
IVs: 31/31/31/31/31/0
Trade: Lvl 14 Female Mareep
IGN: Sachi Cherry
Extra: PP Max
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Request :

Nickname: Ditto
Timid | Limber
IVs: 31/0/31/30/31/30 [HP Fire]

Trading : Lvl 14 Male Volbeat
IGN : Desmond
Message : I want to trade for a treasured Pokemon that has been raised from an egg

Thank you !
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Nickname: Ditto
Timid | Limber
IVs: 31/0/31/30/31/30 [HP Fire]

Trading: Lvl 12 Female Cutiefly (Quick Ball)
IGN: Pollux
Message: I want to fill my Pokedex with other languages.
Edit: Forgot to mention can I also have it hold a Gold Bottle Cap? :D

Many thankyous in advance
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Nickname: PrfctRelxd
Relaxed | Limber
IVs: 31/31/31/31/31/0


Wishiwashi | Female | Level 18 | Great Ball
Message: Please trade Pokémon with me. Thanks in advance.

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