Eisen's Breeding-Ready Ditto Army

Hello i would like one of your Ditto
Pokemon requested : Prfct Jolly
Item requested : Destiny Knot
IGN: Ace
Pokemon Deposited : Comfey female lv41

Thank you in advance
Hello, I'm looking for adamant perfect ditto in 6 gen (ORAS)
IGN: Mootagen
Pokemon Deposited: Wailmer
Level of deposited pokemon: 35
Gender: Female
Btw sorry, i don't have a mareep and can't catch it in this game :(
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Yeah, it got sniped... i just don't get the logic: why does someone need a random wild Pokémon?
Now deposited a female 24 lvl Zigzagoon.
Thanks for the ditto!
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IGN: Jono
I placed in a Mareep
Level 15
Message: Please trade Pokemon with me. Thanks in advance.
Ditto Requested: PrfctAdmnt
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Eisenherz I put in a inkay
Level 32
Gender Male
Ign NickM
Message I want to trade for a pokemon that is strong in battles
Ditto requested: Prfctnaive plz and thank you
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Hi, Eisenherz!

Gen 7

Ditto (Nickname: Perfect)
Jolly, Perfect IV's
With Gold Bottle Cap

Mareep, Female, Level 14
IGN: Pat

Thanks, heaps!
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Hey Eisenherz, I've only started breeding recently and have been trying to breed shinies. Your ditto would be a huge help! Thanks in advance!

Gen 7

Wanted :
Ditto (Perfect - nature not a huge deal)
Perfect IVs

Rufflet (named RuffNiq)
Lv 11
Keen eye
IGN: Ish
"I want to fill my pokdex"
Appreciate the help! Cheers
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Hello Eisenherz

Gen 7

Ditto (Nickname: HPFighting)
Timid, 30/0/31/30/30/30
With a Love Ball attached, if possible

Mareep, Female, Level 14
IGN: Random

Thanks in advance!
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IGN: Xeno
Pokemon Deposited: Lvl 1 Honedge (male)
Message: I want to trade for a Pokemon that will help me with my adventure
Ditto Requested: PrfctAdmnt (holding golden bottle cap)
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