Eisen's VGC Factory: 2018 Edition

  • Pokémon requested: Aegislash
  • Level, gender, ball, name of the Cutiefly: Level 1, male, Luxury Ball, Konan's Pet
  • IGN: Maria (long brown hair, agency glasses)
Edit: got it, thanks!
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IGN: Andre
Requested: Snorlax
Deposited: Cutiefly (Lv. 11, female, Ultra Ball)
Message: I want to trade for a Pokémon that is strong in battles.
Thank you!
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  • Pokémon requested: Tapu Lele
  • Level and gender of the Cutiefly: Level 9, Female, Great Ball
  • IGN: Sean
  • Message: Please trade a Pokemon with me. Thanks in advance.
Thank you!!
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Thundurus update: I've been very busy and couldn't try for very long in the last 2 days, but am hopeful to get it tomorrow or Thursday!

Takes a while to reset for that hp ice I suppose. Honestly I was concerned that you'd already restocked and had run out of half of it. Thanks for doing this. Also, what does 12 spd evs on modest aegislash outspeed anyway?
It outspeeds opposing Aegislash that don't invest in speed or only the leftover 4 EVs. Since Aegislash is a very common Pokémon of the format, the mirror match comes into play quite a bit.
Pokemon wanted: Blacephalon
Pokemon deposited: level 9 female Cutiefly
Message: I want to trade for a pokemon that is strong in battle.
Reason: i want to use in competitive battles, i like its movepool.
Thanks in advance
Pokémon Requesting: Tapu Lele (If you can, can the item be a Gold Bottle Cap? It's fine if you don't)
Cutiefly Info: Level 12 Male Quick Ball
Thanks in advance. The Bottle Cap is to help with some of my Legendaries
  • Pokémon requested: Mawile
  • Level and gender of the Cutiefly: Level 11, Male, Poke Ball
  • IGN: Sean
Thank you so much, once again. I really appreciate everything you've done :)
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Yup my cutiefly was sniped, forgot to put the level requirement. Not sure why someone would want to trade a tyranitar for a cutiefly though. Anyway, I was waiting for swampert instead. Do I strike out or delete my previous post?

Pokémon requested: Swampert
Level and gender of the Cutiefly: level 11 male quickball
IGN: Walter

Thanks again!
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