Eisen's VGC Factory: 2019 Sun Edition

Pokemon requested: Scizor
Pokemon deposited: Cutiefly, level 12, net ball, male
IGN: Yuechen

Pokemon requested: Rotom-Heat
Pokemon deposited: Cutiefly, level 10, quick ball, male
IGN: Rachel
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Haha, I actually changed my post because I changed my mind but I forgot to change the gst choice. Thanks a bunch though, this giveaway is amazing! :)
Sent to: jtf1993, Fawful1993, Naruhodou, coery, oldman, Dargarok x2, samjo, onasty, phongnn2008, C y 1, YCWU2602 x2, Spine0f_Atlas, locoghoul, viawonderland and si.tole

satoshigekkouga658 : Unfortunately, it looks like your Cutiefly got sniped :(

viawonderland : Your deposited Cutiefly was actually requesting Scizor, not Aegislash, so I sent that assuming you made a mistake in your post?
Hello Eisen
Pokemon deposited: cutiefly level 1 in great ball female quirky nature
Pokemon requested: camerupt
IGN: GBunglezippy
Message : I want to trade for a treasured Pokemon that has been raised from an egg

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  • Pokémon requested: Zapdos
  • Level and gender of the Cutiefly: Level 12 male
  • IGN: Deadpool
1. lopunny
2. mandibuzz
3. porygon-z
4. dhelmise
5. primarina

Thanks for the giveaway!

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