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Would you rather be Keith Hernandez or a broken down Cassius Clay? (I tried to pick two ethnic people since being ethnic and playing online games is your entire personality; you can pick which you would like to be in an online game instead if you like)
Have you ever seen muse live?

I have no idea what its like up there, but did you grow up learning spanish and english? Which one do you think is a better language?

What's your xbl gamertag bro? I can't play you if I don't have it!

Do you really love me, or is it just for my jacket? </3


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favorite yugioh card?

favorite archetype?

least favorite yugioh card?

least favorite archetype?
Do you feel that when you play a video or computer game for an extended period of time, you either have to be really good at it or not play it at all?

Which country has your favorite type of cuisine?

Which country has your favorite type of women?

And because you fully expect it: (and because I thought it was a good question to begin with)


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if you could meet any 5 users irl whod it be

since you dont wanna get pics of yourself here posted can you look up people on google until you find someone whos EXTREMELY similar to yourself and post him here (no soccer players bs i know you thought of doing that)

what would you do if you were abducted by aliens

have you ever had an irl fight (not verbal)? can you describe itttttt unless its too long then fuk it

whats the irc channel you enjoy being in the most

do you consider yourself and me to be similar

what flag is LA usin next year

have you done coning irl yet

all i can think of eghhghgfdwss MAMAME EL BICHO JODIO LAMBESCROTO!!!

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So what do you actually think about Mexico? I mean, people playing witty (and probably on most irc channels you frequent) diss it and all, but I'm just wondering what your own opinion on it is being from there, whether politically or in terms of quality of life there or whatever comes to mind.

Do you have a girlfriend, and if so what do you like about her, and if not what do you look for in a girl?


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so seriously why did you tell ganondorf you're bisexual?

also best bw ou offensive combo?


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do you think that perhaps you're helping perpetuate the association between you and tacos and that you're your own worst enemy?

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Top 6 favorite Pokemon?

Favorite Smogon moment?

Favorite competitive Pokemon battle of all time? (it doesn't have to be yours)

Are you hyped for Bleach?


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dude there's no way you can say that the entire dutch soccer team makes me horny and not be AT LEAST, bi...

i guess ill post again with WTF is up with that comment if you truly are straight. also i remember you saying that you had fallen in love with sylster something, i dont even remember wtf his name was... the evidence just builds up REY.


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Hey rey. I didn't get to know you much before #yugioh, but I am glad I did.

Do you think most people have a warped perception of you? Personally I think you are a chill guy that's pretty hilarious most of the time.

Why do you think you are so good at yugi mons?

Could you see yourself going to a YCS event?
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