El rincon artistico de Caladbolg~


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Bienvenidos /Welcome to "El rincon artistico de Caladbolg~" [Caladbolg~'s Artistic Place].

Here I'll upload my creations, my fakemons, an some random sketch.
So, like Ike says: "Prepare Yourself".

Also, you can leave me messages and maybe, someday I can make one or two of your ideas xD.

Ey, sorry for the Spanish/English language, I think this mix will be more representative [I will write some words in spanish like "bienvenido", but, I will write the translate word or the meaning...xD].


-2nd Place in CAP 5 [Stratagem].
-3rd Place in CAP 7 [Kitsunoh].

Ok, let me show you my pokemanz!

#001:Gragoon [Grass] [Overgrow]
#002:Graptor [Grass/ Dragon] [Overgrow]
#003:Raptorage [Grass/Dragon] [Overgrow]
#004:Blazith [Fire] [Blaze]
#005:Blazedon [Fire] [Blaze]
#006:Sabreheat [Fire/Electric] [Blaze]
#007:Swippy [Water] [Torrent]
#008:Swiffin [Water/Ice] [Torrent]
#009:Plesioswim [Water/Ice] [Torrent]
#010:Peakid [Normal/Flying] [Keen Eye/ Vital Spirit]
#011:Peawk [Normal/Flying] [Keen Eye/ Vital Spirit]
#012:Condornel [Normal/Flying] [Keen Eye/ Vital Spirit]
#013:Pandu [Normal] [Thick Fat/ Honey Gather]
#014:Pandrum [Normal] [Think Fat/ Honey Gather]
#015:Puppine [Fire] [Cute Charm] [Vulpix pre-Evolution]
#016:Beetlil [Bug/Ground] [Hyper Cutter/Intimidate]
#017:Beetalion [Bug/Ground] [Hyper Cutter/Intimidate]
#018:Joket [Dark] [Technician]
#019:Twiloquist [Dark/Fighting] [Technician]
#020:Cooco [Grass/Ghost] [Trace/ Super Luck]
#021:Austrip [Normal] [Unaware]
#022:Artail [Normal] [Technician/ Own Tempo] [Smeargle Evolution]
#023:Iciclat [Ice] [Snow Warning]
#024:Blizzcat [Ice/ Electric] [Snow Warning]
#025:Mallowind [Normal/ Flying] [Damp]
#026:Stormallow [Electric/ Flying] [Conductivity]*
#027:Zeustorm [Electric/ Flying] [Conductivity]*
#035:Flowzel [Water] [Rain Dish]
#???:Ashpole [Water/Fire] [Rough Skin]
#???:Flamana[Water/Fire] [Rough Skin]
#???:Boilzilla[Water/Fire] [White Smoke]
#???:Rocatue [Rock/ Psychic] [Technician/ Battle Armor]
#???:Duckatana [Fighting/Flying] [Keen Eye/ Inner Focus] [Farfetch'd Evolution]
#???:Volcamel [Fire/Ground] [Aftermath/ Solid Rock] [Camerupt Evolution]
#???:Marowar[Ground/ Dark] [Rock Head/ Lightingrod] [Marowak Evolution]
#???:Houndaunt [Dark / Fire] [Intimidate/ Flash Fire][Houndoom Evolution]

Thanks to Wyverii,TVboyCanti, Xeorr and HR20 for the sprites and Skyshroud, Cartoons!, Chaos Wolf, Kopie and my girlfriend (L) for the painting.

I'll keep uploading art if someone likes it.

Invented Abilities
* Conductivity: Powers up Electric-type moves if hit by a Water-type move. Also, powers up Electric-type moves in rain.


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Great works! What is swiffin supposed to be based on?
I will explain.

Graptor is a Grass Dragon type based in Quetzacoalt. But this is like a Forest Dragon, with a leaf coat. It has metal parts, to give it a "Aztec" feeling.

Blazedon is a mix of Tazmania Monster and a Sabretooth.

Swiffin is a typical Marine Monster. Like Nessie from Scotland or Nahuelito from Argentine.

Rocatue is the Easter Island pokemon. See Cap 5 Art.

I have more fakemons, I will keep uploading it.
Love your art, especially Graptor and Blazedon. :O I can imagine the latter going on a rampage like a Primeape. Swiffin totally screams, HAI GAIS!! xD

Can't wait til you upload the rest of your fakemon. :D


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Here I have more fanart. This time: Ike, from Fire Emblem.

Ike's Flames Tatoo

Old Ike

Mario in a Landmaster Kart

And here we have Pokemon material:

The starters:


#004: Blazith

#007: Swippy

Brilliant art ...just brilliant. You're remarkable with the pencil and quite good in pixel art. The fakemon are cleverly designed and drawn out. I hope you try again next time within the CAP project.


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Me gusta mucho to arte, especialmente Raptorage.

keep up the good work!
Hey! Spanish, uh? You have one mistake: mucho "tu" arte, but, If you can spell "especialmente", you're one of us. ^^

By the way, the Grass pokemon is Graptor, the second stage.

Gragoon is the first stage:

Graptor is the evolution:

And only left Raptorage, the third stage...
... Soon I will upload the Art.
Great work here Calad. I wasn't really fond of your CAP guy at first, but now I really wish it would have won. I love the Ike stuff, and that one where they don't have eyes o_o; brilliant.


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Update! New Fakemon: #013: Pandu

The Tiny Panda Pokemon. It's normal type. Can anyone paint it, please? T-T.
I think Pandu really looks good with white, gray and black colors, and blue eyes.

And, the draw for Coconut:



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Ok, new update: This is Raptorage, the grass-type starter in the final stage.


I need a painter xD. Please, if someone love paint, would you paint my pokemanz?

Also, I edit the fakedex in the first post, with links. Now is easier see the pokemons.-
Gran coleccion de fakemons.
Me gusta mucho crear pokemons,Tengo muchas ideas en plastilina y dibujos,tal vez puedas verlas y desirme que te parecen.
(Great Fakemon Colection.I love to create pokemons, I have a lot of ideas made of clay and pictures,maybe you can tell me hat do you thik about them later.)
Sorry for my bad English.


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Thanks for the comments.

I have new pokemons... but, I had a problem with my camera. Anyway, I'll upload new fakemons.

But now, the evolution of Farfetch'd...If wins the EVO pokemon poll.

Name: No Name
Concept: A samurai duck, based on the samurai from SoulCalibur's series: Mitsurugi, and Battousai Himura, from Rurouni Kenshin manga [That's why it have a scar].


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Hi everyone!

Water-Fire type
Iguana Pokemon.
FLAMANA has cool blood, and needs solar energy to live.

And a new sketch for Farfetch'd Evolution...


And...I got Inspiration...so I draw a evolution for Camerupt, called,


Comment please!!!
Iguana based Pokemon equal epic win in my book *major Iguana fan/lover*

Farfetch evo looks promising, the scar is a nice touch. Ditched his wimpy leek for an actual stick works for me. Camerupt evo looks prehistoric, like some long lost creature from the Ice Age.
here's hoping Flamana's final stage will be reminiscent of godzilla!

awesome stuff, just have a minor complaint regarding your starters: both the fire and the grass starters have very similar structure (ie. big backlegs, small fore-arms). apart from that everything's brilliant
Excellent drawings. I'm especially fond of Volcamel.

If possible, I'd like to see your take on a Dark/Ground Badger.

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