El rincon artistico de Caladbolg~


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EDIT: I'm preparing CAP10...

With a Jellyfish concept.

I decided to name it Kitsun

Kit [from "Fox" in japanese, I think]
Sun [From "Sun"... ].
Thanks for the inspiration!

I have to share this with all my watchers... Cartoons! made an artwork based on my Fakemons. For me he is the best artist here in Smogon and I'm honored:

It's a Falcombat fighting against Kitsun.

And here is my participation in The Smog #6



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haha, what an amazing concept

and welcome back! i haven't seen you since what, cap something or other?


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Hi everyone!
Yeahh, I don't post frequently here, but I always visit the site.

Here is another fakemon:

Hi guys , i always enjoy your artwork :)

I was wondering , could someone give sudowoodo some love with an evo?
Was thinking about a grass/rock type , with rock head ability ( wood hammer, headsmash , double edge. It would be awsome if you could do something like that. I mean , sudowoodo already resembles a tree doesnt it ?

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