EnCAPlopedia: The Complete Reference Index for Create-A-Pokémon

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We have a website that contains all the most up-to-date reference information about the project. The website should be the first place you look for information about the project. Here's a link:

Create-A-Pokemon Website

The following links below should be able to tell you just about anything you need to know about the Create-A-Pokémon project. Every significant CAP reference thread ever made is linked here.

Welcome to Create-A-Pokémon: A Guide for Newcomers

"What is the Create-A-Pokémon Project?": The CAP Mission Statement

CAP Forum Rules

"How To Create-A-Pokémon": The CAP Process Guide
Create-A-Pokémon Articles and Guides

Create-A-Pokémon Artwork and Sprite Gallery

Create-A-Pokémon Chatrooms

Pokemon Showdown! battle simulator

Create-A-Pokémon Battle Server

Create-A-Pokémon Analyses Contributions & Corrections

Create-A-Pokémon Early DP Strategy Pokedex
Pre-EnCAPlopedia: The reference point for Prevos

7th Generation CAP Updates Summary Thread

Create-A-Pokemon Sprite Index

CAP Shoddy Battle Server Usage Statistics

CAP Pokémon Showdown! Server Usage Statistics
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