Entering tournament tomorrow (Not even ready)

Hey everyone, I don't post ever but I have bit of a problem... I'm awful with double battles and I'm going to try to enter the Seattle Regional Tournament tomorrow, I have no idea what pokemon to use. Its a recipe for disaster really but I am a quick learner and some good advice would go a long way. I just need a good overall team or something I don't even know :pirate:

Thanks in advance guys.


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if you dont have a team i doubt you'll be able to raise a full team before the tournament. that said, you should go anyway just to be around other pokemon players. hopefully the next time a reg rolls around you'll be more prepared!
Well I have multiple Pokemon to choose from. I just need help deciding which ones to go with. My friend is letting me use his pokemon he bred. I just need to tweak my strategy a bit :D

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