EPRB 3: So I herd you guys liek pokeman (raps)

"I'M RICH BIATCH!1 Also, who wants to see my thunderball :3"


Yo guys it's been a while. Well it's not my fault really whose genius's idea was to rely on someone with ADHD to not procrastinate (*coughultimaacough*).

Anyway, since I am a WaterBomb Certified Playa (tm) I thought it was best to make Season 3. If you missed any of the good raps that the members have made in the last two seasons, here's all the links you need for a good time:

EPRB1 Compilation
(Sal 1st, Nanoswine 2nd)




EPRB2 RSemis

EPRB2 Finals

(Tied for 1st place: Ult & Samo)


So anyway I've been thinking, we have 2 types of trainers, those who would like to battle when possible and are up for occasional challenges/guest appearances, and those who want an old school tourney going on.

So let's have both. Unless someone kind enough wants to educate me on how do the seeding round (via PM), I'll result to the good ol paper draw method for the tourney. For the challenges, I will maintain a list of people who would accept call outs, request for guest appearances in tourney battles and similar kinds in this OP. Call this the master thread for Season 3 if you will.

The second type can recharge (ask to be readded again to the list) once they finish their challenge/guest appearance, but do this all in PM to avoid clutter.

The rest know the drill: enlist your pokemon and join the army :)

Also, last date to join tournament is Wed December 5, the guest appearances/challenge mode can join whenever they want.

Number of battlers so far: 16 (Sal doesn't get to say no to rap battles, so dodorio'd :/)


Guest Appearances/Challenge List:


reppin' excadrill for the seeding round

also I want to apologize for this
EPRB2 Finals
(Tied for 1st place: Ult & Samo)

by the finals samo and I had gone creatively bankrupt and samo was going out of town during the round, so we kinda just called it quits


I did it again
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Oh, when are these due, by the way? Want to know how much more time I have to write lyrics.


Banned deucer.
hm i guess i'll join again

time for another first round exit though hopefully not vs ultimaa


Yes Im just waiting for more people to join before I add the guest list, timing and all the other questions that has been asked, prolly 3 to 4 hours till I get back to my PC. Inthe meantime if you have someone in mind you'd like to join/pwn, now is the time to bugger him.
I told myself I wouldn't get back in the game. But you can't just quit the rap game, man... you can't.


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