Escavalier (QC 2/3)


  • Great typing and defenses allow it to check a ton of threats
  • Has great synergy with a lot of good Pokemon in the tier
  • One of the best Pursuit users
  • One of the hardest mons to switch into
  • "Random" Fire moves are more popular just because of Escavalier, but it can still overcome them by foregoing CB
  • Overall great tank that helps patch up weaknesses and demolishes most non-defensive switch-ins
name: Tank
move 1: Megahorn
move 2: Pursuit
move 3: Iron Head
move 4: Sleep Talk
item: Choice Band / Occa Berry
ability: Swarm
nature: Adamant
evs: 132 HP / 252 Atk / 124 Spe

  • Since many Pokemon fail to OHKO Escavalier, they will either have to risk staying in and being KOed by Megahorn or let a teammate take a ton of damage
  • Many defensive Pokemon like Uxie, Roselia, and Cryogonal can't touch Escavalier, and will get wrecked by Pursuit if they try to flee
  • Iron Head is a safer, more accurate STAB attack that can also be useful to deal more damage to Emboar and things that resist Megahorn, like Golurk and Aggron
  • Escavalier is a great switch-in to most sleep inducers like Amoonguss, Tangrowth, Lilligant, and Jynx, so it's naturally a good sleep absorber. It just has to be careful of HP Fires, which can be beaten with an item change
  • The bluff: Occa Berry / Chesto Berry
  • Occa Berry allows you to beat a lot more things that think they can KO Escavalier with HP Fire
  • Lilligant, Rotom-C, Amoonguss, Absol, Tauros, Mesprit, Tangrowth, Flamethrower Slowking, Sigilyph, Roselia are the major examples
  • It also bluffs a Choice Band, so if you just used Pursuit and they send in something like Durant or Absol to set up on Escavalier, you can hit them with a Megahorn
  • Escavalier can check a lot of Pokemon, but it will probably be weakened after
  • Using Rest + Chesto Berry can give you an immediately healthy Escavalier that can take down another threat or two
  • It can also save you vs something like HP Rock Lilligant that used Quiver Dance instead of Sleep Powder on the switch in, expecting to beat Escavalier by putting it to sleep
  • Speed EVs outspeed minimum Speed Spiritomb as well as Slowking and Amoonguss
  • Max HP can be used instead to be able to take more hits more reliably. For example, Sceptile and Accelgor have a much lesser chance of 2HKOing Escavalier with Focus Blast if running max HP. Druddigon's Outrage will only 4HKO max HP Escavalier if there are no hazards on the field
  • Return hits stuff like Moltres and Emboar very hard, so it can be useful if you have another Sleep Talk user like Emboar
  • Protect can work if you want to scout for HP Fires
  • Knock Off is useful for removing helpful items like Leftovers and Choice Scarf
  • Other than Rest, these are the next best alternative moves
  • Slowking is a great teammate, as it has good synergy with Escavalier and can set up Trick Room
  • Alomomola can take on Emboar and Steelix and provide Wish support for Escavalier
  • Escavalier works great with Regenerator and FWG cores because it can take on stuff like Druddigon, Sceptile, and stuff that isn't covered like Psychic- and Dark-types
  • Works well on Spikestacking teams because it can eliminate Cryogonal with Pursuit. Spikes will also wear down Escavalier's defensive counters that lack reliable recovery, like Steelix and Poliwrath
  • Pokemon that appreciate Pursuit support, such as Fighting-types like having Escavalier as a teammate
[Other Options]
  • Defensive set w/ Spdef EVs
  • Toxic
  • Swords Dance
  • Rain Dance

[Checks and Counters]
  • Emboar is the best check for offensive teams since it 4x resists Megahorn
  • Moltres is also decent but it must Roost after switching in if SR is up
  • Steelix walls the crap out of Escavalier
  • Qwilfish is a pretty good check with Intimidate and resisting Escavalier's STABs. It can also help a teammate take on Escavalier due to the attack drop
  • Poliwrath is also a solid defensive counter to Escavalier, though it usually needs to Rest after switching in to be able to take on other threats
  • Eviolite Magneton is the best Magneton set to use to beat Escavalier. Specs will take massive damage but does check Escav
  • Using HP Fire on Grass-types to lure Escavalier is a good way to deal with it. Lilligant, Amoonguss, Tangrowth, Roselia, and Exeggutor are all things Escavalier is likely to switch in on
  • Stuff like HP Fire Cryogonal, Fire Blast Slowking, Fire Punch Druddigon, and HP Fire Mesprit are also good lures
  • Alomomola beats non-CB Escavalier
  • Most other mons in the tier take massive damage from CB Escav's attacks, but can be used as a last resort. This includes: Rotom, Aggron, Durant, Entei, and opposing Escavalier

I feel like I'm forgetting like a Sub set or something for AC or other options. Let me know if you can think of it or I'm just confused xD
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  • To be honest i'm thinking that occa berry might be good enough to deserve a full slash on the current Escavalier set, of course you lose a bunch of power on Megahorn, Iron Head, Pursuit, etc, but the Occa Berry is just really nice for taking random hp fires from things like Rotom-C, Sceptile, Mesprit, Tangrowth, and Lilligant, as well as Fire Blasts from defensive Slowking, Tauros, and Escavalier more easily. Not to mention being able to switch moves when it really counts. Occa Escav isn't as strong as CB Escav, but 405 Attack with a 120 BP STAB move is still pretty solid, so i don't think its too weak without CB or anything. It can be a real lifesaver in my opinion, and probably deserves to be slashed just after Choice Band.
  • In AC, it should be mentioned that many Pokemon really appreciate the Pursuit support Escavalier can provide, Pokemon such as Hitmonlee, Medicham, and Gallade are good examples of Pokemon that appreciate this, as they have a bit of trouble sweeping unless Ghost- and Psychic-types are removed (Spiritomb is neutral to Pursuit but also neutral to Megahorn).
  • Knock off could warrant a mention in either the AC or OO, its a somewhat weak move, but stripping an opponent's Choice Scarf or Leftovers can be quite crippling if well placed, plus, Escavalier's fourth slot is pretty much up for grabs, so it doesn't lose out on a hugely important move when it runs Knock Off.
  • Qwilfish should definitely be mentioned in Escavalier's checks and counters section. Like Poliwrath, it resists both of Escav's STABs and takes nothing from Pursuit, It nerfs Escavalier's Attack with Intimidate too which makes it a bit easier for other teammates to take it on, and can use it as Spikes fodder or wear it down with Waterfall itself.


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Mention in the Overview that Escavalier is incredibly slow, so it'll have to take damage before it can hit back; no recovery doesn't help either. The Max HP Spread in AC is also useful is Escav is being used on Trick Room. Also, SubSD is worth mentioning in OO since Escav can set up on things like Mesprit and Sceptile and have nice power after a boost, although admittedly Scolipede gives it competition in that regard. Other that that, this is good imo, idg why this isn't used more; this thing is amazing.

QC Approved 1/3


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I agree with everything ScraftyIsTheBest said, other than the fact that SubSD Escavalier has competition with Scolipede; that's like saying that Rhydon has competition with Aerodactyl or something. It's more OO material due to the fact that Escavalier is just too slow and has such a terrible 4x weakness to Fire, which means that a lot of the time, setting up an SD isn't going to do a lot since you're just going to get forced out anyway, and setting up a Substitute is meh when you consider that you could have just smacked the switch in with CB Megahorn or something instead. Otherwise:


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