Escavalier (Trick Room Abuser) [QC 0/3]

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name: Trick Room Abuser
move 1: Megahorn
move 2: Iron Head
move 3: Return
move 4: Reversal
item: Life Orb
ability: Swarm
nature: Brave
evs: 248 HP / 252 Atk / 8 SpD
ivs: 0 Spe

Why this deserves to be on-site
  • Stupid powerful. Almost always OHKOs 252/252+ Slowbro (94% chance to OHKO), one of UU’s premier physical walls, with LO Megahorn. Iron Head caves in almost everything that resists Megahorn.
  • Fantastic bulk, with 70/105/105 defenses combined with Bug/Steel typing, arguably the best typing in the game with a plethora of resistances and one weakness.
  • THE fastest Pokemon in the game under Trick Room in the UU tier. The only Pokemon “faster” under Trick Room that is even remotely common in UU is Ferroseed, who is always 2HKO’d by Megahorn, while all Ferroseed can do is Leech Seed and hope for a Megahorn miss.

Additional Comments
  • Return and Reversal are really filler. Return hits Fire-types that resist Megahorn and Iron Head, as well as Zapdos. Reversal can work as a last hurrah, hitting Steels for catastrophic damage once Escavalier’s HP is sufficiently low.
  • Leftovers can be used if you’re not worried about power, but like the Slowbro example above, that power is sorely missed.

Teammates and counters
  • Trick Room users, duh. Escavalier makes an especially good teammate as he resists the Bug, Dark, and Ghost attacks that ruin most Trick Roomers.
  • Steel- and Fire-types seriously cockblock Escavalier, especially Steels, who resist almost his entire moveset, and Reversal is incredibly weak until he’s almost KO’d. Chandelure is also a problem, completely walling this moveset. Bulky Waters can scare off Fire-types, and Azumarill packs Superpower to get rid of those Steels.
  • Magneton can trap Steels, clearing the way for a sweep.
  • Stealth Rocks and Spikes help wear down walls that can survive Megahorn. Claydol or Baltoy w/Eviolite can set up Rocks, spin away hazards that ruin Escavalier, and even set up Trick Room.

Been using this set for a while on a dedicated Trick Room team. Just to make sure, went to Escavalier's page and ctrl + f'd "Trick Room". By "Trick" there were zero matches. What. He's probably the best physical TR abuser in the game. If this gets rejected for being too similar to the CB set, I would really like to rewrite that and talk about Trick Room.


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Adding an entire set just for Trick Room is pretty pointless, especially when you consider how similar it is to the on-site offensive set. I didn't give Trick Room a mention when I wrote up the analysis because Trick Room is the last thing that goes through my head when I think about good strategies. Not saying its terrible, I just literally never think of it.

A mention of Life Orb + Brave + 0 Speed IVs (and I suppose Reversal) in a dedicated TR team in the AC of the existing Offensive set is enough. I'll edit it in myself once/if QC agrees.
Alright, that's cool. I do feel like Trick Room doesn't get enough love. They don't really like Stall too much, but they pick offensive teams apart like nobody's business and are generally hell to deal with if they're well-made.
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