Tournament Español Premier League (Signups & Information) [¡¡CUSTOM AVATAR PRIZE!!]

Art by bro torterra. Approved by the Upper Staff.
Hosted by: Español & Eventos room.

Hello everyone! I am TheJesucristoOsAma, and i will be your gamemaster together with Grillo. If you're reading this, consider yourself invited to the Español Premier League Tournament! One of the biggest tournaments events hosted by the Hispanic community so far, demonstrate your competitive Pokemon skills in this team tournament.

Tournament Description:
  • 12 teams divided into two groups, they match all against all in their groups, 1 confrontation per team.
  • The 2 seed heads of their groups go direct to semifinals, the 2nd places to quarter finals, the 3rd and 4th places will meet in a previous round of 16.
  • In summary, for each group, the 4th best teams will continue in the race.
  • [10 Starter slots + 2 Substitutes]

  • Gen 9 OU
  • Gen 9 OU
  • Gen 8 OU
  • Gen 9 UU
  • Gen 9 Ubers
  • Gen 9 Doubles OU
  • Random Battle
  • Natdex OU
  • Tier selected by Eventos : GEN 9 Monotype
  • Tier selected by Español: GEN 7 OU

Special Rule:
Minimum 3 users from Eventos and Español userbase player per team (A list will be made) and at least two of them must be on the lineup of the week. The captain must be a native spanish speaker.

How to post your signup to this tournament:

The following information will be required for your signup:

  • PS! Username:
  • Timezone and the hours when you are available to play:
  • Discord Username:
  • Tiers that you play:

The ins process will be open from today and will probably close on Thursday 31.

:vivillon: Heavenly Vivillons | Manager: Dybala jr / Assistant manager: Fragments

:togekiss: Magistics Togekiss | Manager: Wonter / Assistant manager: Tarre25

:avalugg: Avaluggs Ice Chest | Manager: haxlolo / Assistant manager: jeza.p

:leafeon: Primordial Leafeons | Manager: Scizor Boladão / Assistant manager: KeldeoCrowned

:tyranitar: Gentlemen Tyranitars | Manager: luisin / Assistant manager: Elian

:milotic: Mermaid Magistics Milotics | Manager: Joya / Assistant manager: Skyrio

:mime jr: Club Atletico Mime Jrs | Manager: ElectricityCat / Assistant manager: Ravenna

:aegislash: Real Aegislash | Manager: Raahel / Assistant manager: kaipro

:gengar: Spirit Gengars | Manager: Javi / Assistant manager: Long Spirit

:braviary: Braviarys Galaxy | Manager: Airi / Assistant manager: Lazuli

:marshadow: Liberty Marshadows | Manager: Fakee / Assistant manager: Edgar

:snorlax: Golden Snorlax | Manager: Dorron / Assistant manager: AtraX Madara

The player selection system will be through an auction. The captains will see the playerlist (and will nominate players to choose them, bidding for them).

Good sportsmanship is required to participate in this Tournament. Overwhelming toxicity or going out of your way to bypass the anti-scouting measures in the tournament will not be tolerated and will result in a ban from competing in the tournament. If you are a victim of any of these during the tournament, please contact a Host ( Grillo , Dybala jr , TheJesucristoOsAma , Lets In The Sun ) with relevant screenshots as evidence.

Prizes and rewards

A Team Custom Avatar for the winning team:
The winning team of Español Premier League will be awarded a team avatar with the team mascot courtesy of Zarel.

The winning team will get the Room Prize Winner (RPW) rank in Pokemon Showdown Spanish Room with a duration of two weeks.

For further details and to see the players signings, join the tournament discord: (Fixed link)

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formerly KeanuGrindingArc
  • PS! Username: KeanuVGC
  • Timezone and the hours when you are available to play: GMT -7 active whenever I’m not at school/sport
  • Discord Username: Keanufps#0
  • Tiers that you play: (In preferred order) Gen 9 Doubles OU, Gen 9 Random Battles, Gen 9 UU, Gen 9 UBERS
PS! Username: Mashing
Timezone and the hours when you are available to play: gmt-5, extremely busy with university and official tours wont have time to prepare or chat.(DM me if u want to buy me)
Discord Username: mashing
Tiers that you play: Ubers
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