European VGC Regionals Schedule 2023


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The 2023 season of VGC events will begin in January and will run until June, leading up to the 2023 World Championships in Yokohama, Japan. This thread will house the list of confirmed Regional, Special Event, and Internationals scheduled for the European region. Note that this does not denote local events, which you're better off using Pokemon's Event Locator to find.

For a comprehensive list of major events scheduled in 2023, look here.

January 2023
Liverpool, UK | Jan 21-22 | ACC Liverpool

February 2023
Bochum, Germany | Feb 25-26 | RuhrCongress Bochum

March 2023
Utrecht, Netherlands | Mar 18-19 | Jaarbeursplein, 3521 AL | Special Event

April 2023
European Internationals TBA April 2023

May 2023
Malmo, Sweden | May 20-21 | MalmöMässan Exhibition & Congress Center

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