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Read the whole post before signing up.

Inspired by Bass's game within my game, and then inspired again by Bass's game outside of my game, this is my attempt at a similar style of game to his No Cowards series of games.

The rules go something like this:

Everyone who signs up will be tested through a series of progressively harder challenges, each with their own rules. The users who did the worst at each challenge will be eliminated and somehow punished. These punishments will get worse and worse as the game goes on. If this deters you from signing up, then you are a coward. No cowards.


To sign up for this game, you must do two things. First, you must make a post in this thread with the word "in" somewhere in the post. Also, that post must contain the name of another Smogon user. If that Smogon user also signs up for this game, then you will receive a small bonus for the first challenge of the game. No duplicates - you can't say the same Smogon user that someone else did in a previous post or it does not count.

If you mess up the above instructions, you will receive a small detriment in the first challenge of the game.

Have good, fun luck, etc.

Join #nocowards at irc.synirc.net to visit the game's IRC channel.
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