Exeggcute (UU Mini) [WIP]


Despite being a Little Cup Pokemon, Exeggcute holds a small but interesting niche within RBY UU thanks to its ability to spread Sleep and Paralysis and defensive utility thanks to its unique Grass- and Psychic-typing. It is the only Pokemon in the tier asides from Hypno able to switch into opposing Hypno or Kadabra and threaten Sleep. This means that you are able to either preserve your own Hypno for later on in the battle, or able to still safely able to switch into opposing Hypno and land sleep if your Hypno has lost the hypnosis battle, allowing sleep to be traded. When Exeggcute has done its job of landing a sleep and potentially a paralysis, it can still be used as a defensive check to Haunter, Tangela and Venusaur, being able to sponge hits and win the 1v1 due to its typing and therefore blocking sleep on any of Exeggcute's teammates. Exeggcute is also able to switch into Dugtrio as well as the Electric-types and spam Stun Spore or Psychic and continue its job of being a defensive annoyance. In matchups where it is no longer needed, it can be used a sack or just be exploded.

Outside of Pokemon that struggle vs. Exeggcute's defensive typing, Exeggcute has a poor Base Stat Total and as a result is simultaneously slow and defensively frail whilst also hitting like a wet noodle. This results in it struggling with powerful Normal-Type attackers such as Kangaskhan, Persian and especially Dodrio as well as the myriad of Blizzard users in the tier. As a result it is a polarising pokemon that can fall flat when it finds itself face to face with any of its numerous bad matchups. A key to using Exeggcute successfully is being able to navigate around these Pokemon and finding openings in which Exeggcute can show its defensive utility.

name: Sleep Support
move 1: Sleep Powder
move 2: Stun Spore
move 3: Psychic
move 4: Explosion

Set Description
Exeggcute's game plan is simple, switch into Hypno, Kadabra, Dugtrio or an Electric-type and land Sleep Powder. After that, aim to spread status as much as possible and chip opponents with Psychic before clicking Explosion. After landing Sleep, Exeggcute is less valuable and therefore can be used more liberally to threaten out due to it being a low value piece


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