Exeggutor (QC 3/3)


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<p> Exeggutor, king of the jungle, has come back for another round in the RU tier! Dont let those slightly dim looking heads fool you, Exggutor is a force to be reckoned with. For one thing, Exeggutor has excellent base stats, including an incredible base 125 Special Attack. this means Exeggutor hits like a truck, Exeggutor also has a very wide and interesting movepool, with support options such as Sunny Day and Trick Room to support its team. Exeggutor also has two very interesting abilities in Harvest and Chlorophyll, which allow Exeggutor to stall and sweep in the sun, respectively. Exeggutor does have a few things keeping it from being a top threat though, Exeggutor has poor Grass/Psychic typing giving it an incredible seven weaknesses to common types, while also making Exeggutor Pursuit Bait. Exeggutor is also cursed with very poor Speed and Special Defense, meaning it will die easily to any special attack. Although Exeggutor has its flaws that prevent it from being a top threat, it is still an excellent addition to an RU team and will never underwhelm you!</p>

name: Sunny Day
move 1: Sunny Day
move 2: SolarBeam / Giga Drain
move 3: Hidden Power Fire / Psyshock
move 4: Sleep Powder
item: Life Orb / Heat Rock
ability: Chlorophyll
nature: Modest / Timid
evs: 4 Hp / 252 Spa / 252 Spe


  • Sets up Sunny Day to support both it and its team
  • 252 speed gives you 395 speed after a chlorophyll boost
  • Solarbeam is the main option as it works well with sunny day, but giga drain is also an option if you are wary of snover
  • HP fire gets a boost from the sun, and hits steels, while psyshock allows you to OHKO cryogonal and hit munchlax hard.
  • Sleep powder allows you to put one of eggy's counters to sleep

  • Grass Knot can be used over giga drain to hit heavier pokemon harder, such as claydol
  • Psychic is an option, but it doesnt hit much harder than solarbeam
  • Synthesis can be used over sleep powder in the sun for recovery, but eggy would reather disable one of its counters.
name: Trick Room
move 1: Trick Room
move 2: Leaf Storm / Giga Drain
move 3: Psychic / Hidden Power Fire
move 4: Sleep Powder
item: Life Orb
ability: Harvest
nature: Quiet
evs: 232 HP / 24 Def / 252 Spa
ivs: 0 Spe


  • This Exeggutor uses trick room to use its low speed against the opposing team
  • Evs maximize bulk and power
  • Leaf storm is an extremely powerful attack coming off of eggy's base 125 special attack stat but giga drain is also an option to keep consistent power along with recovery
  • Psychic gives you a powerful secondary STAB attack, while hidden power fire gives yuo decent coverage and the ability to hit steels
  • Sleep powder is, once again here to disable a counter.

  • Psyshock can be used over psychic to hit special walls harder, but exeggutor appreciates the extra power from psychic more often than not.
  • Other hidden powers are also an option on Exeggutor such as fighting and ground, they all have advantages, but fire is usually the superior option.
  • Grass knot is always an option to hit heavier options harder, but giga drain is more consistent
  • you can run trick room+ 3 attacks, but exeggutor likes sleep powder to disable counters
  • harvest is the chosen ability as you dont want to be fast in trick room.
name: SubSeed
move 1: Substitute
move 2: Leech Seed
move 3: Protect
move 4: Hidden Power Fire / Psychic
item: Sitrus Berry
ability: Harvest
nature: Bold
evs: 252 HP / 252 Def / 4 Spe


  • can stall out opponents easily with a combination of harvest+ sitrus berry along with leech seed
  • Substitute gives you a cushion from attacks while leech seed and sitrus berry restore your health so you can make more
  • protect helps you stall
  • Hidden power fire gives you relatively good coverage, while psychic gives you more power, but leaves you walled by dark types.

  • wish and ingrain can be used for more recovery, but leave you vulnrable against grass types
  • Toxic spikes form the likes of scolipede and qwilfish is an excellent idea, nearly required
  • also, a spinblocker is a good idea
  • Hazards in general are a good idea cause eggy will be forcing switches often
  • Sleep powder can be used over protect
name: Choice Specs
move 1: Leaf Storm
move 2: Psychic / Psyshock
move 3: Hidden Power Fire
move 4: Sleep powder
item: Choice Specs
ability: Chlorophyll
nature: Modest / Timid
evs: 4 HP / 252 Spa / 252 Spe


  • hits like a nuke
  • makes porygon-z jealous, thats saying something
  • Leaf storm is there for POWAH
  • psychic and psyshock get the hit on things such as altaria
  • hidden power allows you to hit steels and works well with sun
  • chorophyll allows you to get the jump on opposing sun teams
  • sleep powder once again sleeps one of eggy's counters

  • Giga drain and grass knot are all options, but they all pare in comparison to the POWAH OF LEAF STORM
  • Synthesis can be used in the last slot as well, as well as another psychic mon
  • likes teammates that can get rid of sap sippers
  • Switches out a lot, likes rapid spin support
[Other Options]

  • a chestorest set with harvest is an option, but it is usually outclassed by the subseed set
  • Energy ball can be used for a very slight power increase but it sucks
  • curse and swords dance sets are possible, but they are inferior to eggys listed sets
  • synthesis is an option on all sets, but it is useless in hail
  • Gravity is an option to raise eggy's accuracy, but is inferiot to exeggutor's other moves
  • harvest starf abuse
  • explosion
[Checks and Counters]

  • Bouffalant can take anything eggy throws at it and get an attack boost from eggy's grass attacks and sleep powder, but is 2hkoed by specs psychic
  • altaria can take anything except a psyshock
  • faster pokmeon can revenge the specs set
  • very hard to switch in on
  • darks can switch in in psychic attacks, but they are Koed by grass attacks, even honchkrow is 2hkoed
  • specially defensive murkrow is the closest thing to a true counter, taunting sleep powder and taking even specs leaf storm
  • mandibuzz works well
  • Sawsbuck cant switchin on HP fire, but can switch in on leaf storm
Maybe at least give Lefties a slash on the Sub-Seed set?

I understand why the ability is Harvest on the TR set (and it only matters very slightly), but to the rest of the general public, it makes no sense. Explain that you don't want to accidentally be fast while under TR.

Sleep Powder on a Specs set? Maybe, but at least slash it with something. Maybe Energy Ball or Giga Drain.
>Should ChestoRest get its own set?

I'd say it should. Pity Exeggutor doesn't get Calm Mind, that would be an excellent set with Harvest ChestoRest.

Moar emphasis on how the annoying the SubSeeder set is, j/s.

EDIT: Psychic > HP Fire, imo. Yeah, you can't do much to Ferroseed, but it can't do anything to you in return. You win in the long run, and Psychic is a better move choice overall.


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Explosion to OO.
Sawsbuck to Checks and Counters.
Sleep Powder should get an AC mention on the Subseed set, if only cause sleep is so damn good this gen.

I'm slightly against adding a ChestoRest Harvest set. In general, while it's a good set, it just doesn't do much other than sit there and sponge hits, from my experience. If you can provide some logs of it being useful, I guess you could include it, but for now I'd say it's not worth it to get more than an OO mention.



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I know it's late, but I gotta say that the Life Orb set is way harder to deal with than Choice Specs. I'd personally list it first, but at the very least I'd slash it into the Choice Specs with Synthesis over HP Fire.

Having the ability to Sleep and Sweep is nothing to scoff at, it's why Roserade is so effective in higher tiers even with its less-than-ideal defenses.

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