Exhibition Triathlon - Signups [CLOSED]


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Smogon Exhibition is almost out of the way, so I came up with an idea to host a Bo3 Single Elimination Tournament where you and your opponent can choose to play three games out of Ubers, LC, PU and Monotype, and each metagames may be played only once in a series. I hope players who wanted to be part of Smogon Exhibition but were left undrafted or other users who gained interest in the aforementioned metagames will get to have a unique experience. With annual premier league signups being posted in varying places these days, this tournament may also be a good place to warm up if you are planning to go all out later.

I expect users signing up in this thread to be fully aware about Smogon's general tournament policies, including ones related to scheduling and timer usage, as they are applied here as well.

Signups will last until March 19th, 2019.
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