Pending Expanded attack sound effects across generations - SFX Gens 1 to 5

Update Suggestion: Implementing accurate and updated attack sound effects sourced from Generation 1 to Generation 5 games.
Resource for implementation: A multi-gen extracted SFX pack of attack-move SFX published freely online.
Links 1 download pack from Drobox:, - Link 2 on Itch IO - Link 3 on YouTube

Reasoning: I've recorded and gathered over 2,700 SFX using ROM tools, including metadata and album info, as a free resource. Pokemon Showdown is extremely popular already but the experience would be greatly enhanced with HD attack sounds directly from the games. Gameboy, GBA, NDS Games all covered----RBY | GSC | RSE + FRLG | DPPt + HGSS | BW + B2W2.

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