[Expert] Pokémon TCG Mafia - Game Over! Postgame up!

EDIT because Lightwolf found a new way of stealth lynching

The mob is about to agree on a stalemate, when Lightwolf gets up early, washes his feet, and kicks Thorns down. Thorns stands up and grows an extra pair

of arms and launches a series of punches at Lightwolf. Lightwolf swiftly evades, not one of the punches hitting him, and with the aid of the other anti-Thorns campaign members, he is brought down to the ground.

Dear Thorns,
You are:

Fighting, 60 HP
W: P

F: Low Kick - 20
You will get to know the type of your target.

Your hand is:
1. Exeggutor
2. Fire Energy
3. Metal Energy

You are in the group: Stage 2 Pokémon
You win if you outlive ??? and four Stage 2 Pokémon.

Fighting, 130 HP
W: P

F: Take Out
If your target is not an Evolved Pokémon or Pokémon Lv X, the target is now Knocked Out.

CC: Hurricane Punch - 20x
If the Turn number is not between 1 and 4, reduce that number by 4 until it is. This attack does 20 damage times that number.

FFCC: Rage - 60+
Does 60 damage plus 10 more damage for each 10 damage on Machamp.

Thorns had Flygon, a Fighting Energy and a Double Colorless Energy on hands.

Another seemingly unsolvable conflict is about to be resolved. Colonel M flies around the slow blue_light, waiting for the right moment. Suddenly, he dives down from the sky, delivering a Flash Bite in blue_light's face. Or one of them, I guess. While Colonel M turns around to fly high up again, blue_light shrugs it off and uses Colonel M's lack of eyes in his back to send some seeds flying at him, which hit him on his back. Colonel M notices and dives back and sinks his fangs in blue light, this time poisoning him, going for the kill. But, it's to no avail. Colonel M's last 10 HPs are drained, and with a thud he falls on the ground.

Dear Colonel M,
You are:

Crobat G
Psychic, 80 HP
W: Lightning
R: Fighting

Power: Flash Bite - Put 10 damage on a player of your choice. If that player is Knocked Out, that Knock Out takes effect immediatly (as soon as the host reads this PM).
PC: Toxic Fang - Target player is now Poisoned for this Turn and the next. This player takes 20 damage instead of 10 every turn.

Your hand is:
1. Jumpluff
2. Double Colorless Energy - Provides CC.
3. Rainbow Energy - Provides any Energy type to any Pokémon. Does 10 damage to a Pokémon when attached.

You are in the group: Pokémon SP
You win if you outlive Exeggcute and four Pokémon SP.

He has two Psychic Energies (#1 and #4), and the Exeggutor card!

All parts of blue_light dance, even though they're in a horrible state. "Okay, I'm out, time to make another troll mafia game." blue_light is the fourth winner of Pokémon TCG Mafia!

Dear blue_light,
You are:

Grass, 60 HP
W: Fire
R: none

P: Hypnosis - Target can't attack during the next Turn.

GC: Leech Seed - 20
Exeggcute heals 10 damage.

Your hand is:
1. Vibrava
2. Fighting Energy
3. Machamp Lv X

You are in the group: Stage 1 Pokémon
You win if you outlive Crobat G and four Stage 1 Pokémon.

blue_light has Machamp Lv X and a Metal Energy left. And also a Rainbow Energy and a Grass Energy.

The remaining three players look at each other, in sketchy ways. Who of these is worth allying with, and who is worth leaving in the dust in order to save yourself?

Turn 8 is probably the last turn in the game. Whenever I'm able to update it, I will update. Deadline is ~24 hours. I'm not going to facilitate stealthing.
"But...don't you like my lap dances?" Lightwolf buzzed in mid-air.

In respond, jumpluff let out a very ungirly roar. A feminine looking voice could be heard. "No, I'm afraid we don't..." You couldn't see his lips moving, but you know it was RBG talking, as other than the stunned tournament staff, there is no one there.

Lightwolf tries to make a break for the exit of the tournament hall. Immediately, jumpluff pursues, but she's not quite fast enough. Lightwolf almost made it to the exit, but then suddenly freezes in mid-air. RBG's aura is glowing, and then growing. Not just his aura, but also his body. The next moment, the tiny Kirlia has been replaced by a gorgeous Gardevoir, with a serious look on its face. It doesn't seem to be done developing yet (not that way, furries), as it continues to look calmer, but stronger.

Seconds later, RBG shows Lightwolf all corners of the tournament hall without even touching him, before finally letting him float in front of jumpluff, also known as Charizard.

"This is what I think of your lap dances!"

The Charizard's tail flame begins to brighten the room even more than it did.


jumpluff's enormous tail hits Lightwolf and smacks him into the cracked ground. As the dust cleared and the tournament staff carefully takes a look, they see Lightwolf lying on his back, (clean) feet up.

Dear Lightwolf,
You are:

Colorless, 90 HP
W: Colorless
R: Lightning

Body: Gather Sand - Vibrava has higher priority when scavenging Energy cards.
C: Grind - 10x
This attack does 10 damage times the number of Energy attached to Vibrava

Your hand is:
1. Gardevoir Lv X
2. Grass Energy
3. Rainbow Energy - Provides any Energy type to any Pokémon. Does 10 damage to a Pokémon when attached.

You are in the group: Stage 2 Pokémon
You win if you outlive Onix and four Stage 2 Pokémon.
He was charged with a Grass Energy, a Lightning Energy, a Water Energy, while carrying around a Double Colorless Energy and a Flygon Lv X.

Here is a picture of him when he was young(er):

The victorious jumpluff and RBG high five, with RBG quickly withdrawing because he burned his hands. Congratulations!

Dear RB Golbat,
You are:

Psychic, 60 HP
W: P

#: Future Sight - Choose a player, and you will get to see whether they can Evolve or Level Up.
P: Hypnoblast - 10
Target cannot attack during the next Turn.

Your hand is:
1. Flygon Lv X
2. Double Colorless Energy
3. Psychic Energy

You are in the group: Stage 2 Pokémon
You win if you outlive Chinchou and four Stage 2 Pokémon.

Or rather:

Psychic, 110 HP
W: P

Power: Telepass - Gardevoir gets to see the hand of every Pokémon it does damage to.
PCC: Psychic Lock - 60
Choose up to three targets. All of your named targets are unable to use Pokémon Powers during the next Turn.

In fact, he went all the way!

Gardevoir lv X
Psychic, +20 HP
W: P

Power: Teleportation - Prevent all effects of attacks, excluding damage, done to Gardevoir Lv X.
PP: Bring Down - The Pokémon with the lowest remaining HP (excluding Gardevoir Lv X) is now Knocked Out.

RBG was in posession of just a Psychic Energy.

And what about jumpluff?

Dear jumpluff,
You are:

Fire, 60 HP
W: Water

C: Call for Friends - Choose a target. You will get to know this player's group.
FC: Steady Firebreathing - 20

Your hand is:
1. Donphan Prime
2. Double Colorless Energy
3. Fire Energy

You are in the group: Stage 2 Pokémon
You win if you outlive Luxray GL and four Stage 2 Pokémon.

Of course, she grew up as well.

Fire, 140 HP
W: Water
R: Fighting

Body: Fire Formation - Charizard's attacks do 20 more damage for every Fire Pokémon in the game that isn't Knocked Out (excluding Charizard).
R: Fire Wing - 30
RRC: Burning Tail - 80
Return an Energy card attached to Charizard to your hand. You cannot attach this Energy card to Charizard next Turn.

jumpluff had two Fire Energies and a Lightning Energy.

Pokémon TCG Mafia has ended. Postgame will be up some time soon. Thanks for playing!

Colonel M

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On the bright side, I prevented 3 Pokemon from evolving and nearly black-mailed 2 of them. Failed on blue_light though. >____________________________>;

Man... it would've been nice to win my first mafia game. Ah well.

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