Rejected Expose the moveset with Ditto

When you play ditto, you can scout the moveset of the opponent.
It is possible to expose (to the players and the spectators) the moveset as soon as ditto comes in the terrain ?

I find that it somehow frustrating when I see a battle (not mine) with ditto and I don't see the moveset as much as the player of Ditto.

It is possible to show, for example, the moveset of Landorus turn 1 of this test battle like Showdown expose that Landorus has Stone Edge after Ditto uses this attack ?
Thank you in advance :blobthumbsup:


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What the player with the ditto sees and a spectator sees is not the same thing, so should the whole moveset be revealed at that time it would be an information leak. The Ditto player could of course just post their moveset in the chat or something if they so please, but it should def not be automatic like you're suggesting.

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