Championship - Type B F**k Z-Moves (SM - OU/UU/Ubers) - Round 1

ok michy47, I would've appreciated if you told me before hand that you were gonna play CKW anyways but, since the deadline is close and I don't plan on extending it I'll let it slide because I would've made you play against PQD

rice10 gave you the activity FYI

Felony Dlanyer not sure who won but, I'm assuming Dlanyer won since Felony choked right? just confirming

also we are at the 2.5 day mark, get these matches done ^^

KoldKappuccino vs. Vai Lusa
still quite a few matches, will extend the deadline 2 more days. I'm well aware that there are people in contact right now. If you are unable to complete your match, let me know so I can give a further extension

new deadline will be 5/31 @ 11:59 PM PST

KoldKappuccino vs. Vai Lusa
Aurora vs. Hec
Plasmagby vs. Ernesloru
Squawkerz vs. Melle2402
Conquer Phoenix vs. ThePokeMaestro
MiyoKa vs. Arifeen
FLCL vs. JTD783
EeveE Storm vs. Welli0u
Snowy vs. carm
Wheitron vs. Egior.
Brancus vs. Alore
elodin vs. Velvet Blood
UltraBallz vs. We Three Kings
Mr. Miner vs. Exiline
Leooo_33 vs. MetalGro$$
dih vs. Abk1997
wishiwasasexhaver vs. Jase Duken
cuzzie vs. ProfessorMasterChief
Will-I-am vs. Bushtush

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