Championship - Type B F**k Z-Moves (SM - OU/UU/Ubers) - Round 3


approved by Quite Quiet

As the title states, Z-Crystals and Z-Moves will not be allowed in this tournament.
Therefore this will be perfect for those that want to experience the Sun/Moon competitive scene without them.

Tournament Exclusive Rules
- All Z-Crystals and Z-Moves will be banned for the entirety of the tournament
- This means that no Pokemon can hold Z-Crystals for Knock Off / Trick / Switcheroo shenanigans
- BO3 SM OU, SM UU, and SM Ubers

General Rules
- Single Elimination Tour
- All standard tournament rules apply
- Replays optional
- Matches will be played on either Showdown or SmogTours
- If a ban/unban happens or a new clause is added at any point during the tournament,
it will take effect as soon as the new round starts
- If your opponent breaks any of the rules, it is up to you to decide whether you would like to take the win or rematch

This Tournament has SC Points!!!!
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HotFuzzBall I just had the realization that I used a z move versus iPro for our OU game round 2. Please put iPro over me if he decides to take the win as I've just informed him as well.

Edit: iPro decided to let me have the win just now on my wall but I'll still leave this post here so that you can decide on the appropriate action to take.
I can still play tomorrow night my time but otherwise this is an activity post as Snowy has not responded to the VM I sent. Also can play earlier in the week (Tuesday and Wednesday night) if extension is requested.