Facebook December Profile Picture Contest:

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Alas poor Yorick!
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As many of you know December is the Pokemon Profile Picture Month on Facebook. It has always been a fun time where everyone puts up a piece of art or a sprite. This month we are going to have our submission be by the users, and then have the fans of the Smogon Facebook page vote for their favourite.

Here is how it will work:

-Submissions will start the week prior to the month (so now)

-This thread will close for entries this Saturday at 4 PM EST the week of the submissions, and the poll will go live on Facebook at 5 PM EST.

-Submit your art as large as you like, but do provide it in a 160 x 160 pixel box, that is the size of standard profile photos, so make sure it looks good there.

The Pokemon we need is: Koffing

Draw the mascot of Smogon

Submissions end November 30th at 4 PM EST so get arting!
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