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Programming Falinks Teambuilder - a collaborative Pokémon teambuilder that lets you build teams and work with others


Hi there, I made a web app Falinks Teambuilder, an online collaborative Pokémon teambuilder, lets you create Pokémon teams and work with other people.

It aims to ship the similar experience as the Pokémon Showdown teambuilder. You may start from scratch or import an existing Showdown paste to create a new team. You may also easily export your team to a Showdown importable or generate a PokePaste link.

This is a work in progress. There are still many features to be added. If you have any suggestions or questions, feel free to contact me here, on Twitter or leave your questions on the GitHub (a messy repo). Retweets are really appreciated. Hope you enjoy!

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Nice job, would love to help, what are your next steps?
Hi Mota, I really appreciate that you like it!

I do have some ideas:
  • What‘s most needed now is for more users to use this application to expose the potential usability or stability issues. Better usage navigation is also planned (e.g.: https://github.com/elrumordelaluz/reactour)
  • I would like to own an Usage service (both UI and APIs) on this website. It also allows to do many things with it: sorting the Pokemon table by usage by format to allow users to pick Pokemon quickly, autofilling suggested items/EVs, etc. The UI may look like pikalytics.com and the API parts can be implemented with pkmn/smogon client.
  • Other than features, I planned to add translations, PWA and better SEO to enhance the UX. Thanks to Next.js's rich ecosystem, we have libraries like next-i18next, next-pwa and next-seo to help add them.
  • Some refactoring and documentation
I would be very grateful if you would like to share and contribute to it. As I said, the code base is a mess and lack of doc, so please feel free to ask me anything about it. Cheers!
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Hi again, to make the application easier to access, I prepared this userscript (https://greasyfork.org/scripts/451746-falinks-teambuilder-helper) which helps one-click import teams to a Falinks Teambuilder room. It will be activative on both Pokemon Showdown and PokePaste. Essentially, it creates a "Open in a Falinks Teambuilder room" button on the page. Please see the usage GIF below.

I'm relatively available these days, so some features and bugfix have been working on. I'm always happy to respond if there are any suggestions and questions. Cheers!


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