Gen 4 Farceus DPP Tourament [CONGRATS HACK]

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It's the time to play the real DPP Ubers!

The history behind the decision to ban Arceus from DPP Ubers went something like this. The primary simulator in DPP (Shoddy) could not support Arceus and Custap berry due to coding limitations. Obviously, it was always played without Arceus. So, when people migrated to other simulators, they simply didn't rock the boat and Arceus remain banned from the metagame since then.

Although, the way that Arceus was introduced was really dumb. There were a bunch of mechanics restrictions so that you could only EV Arceus with vitamins. In short, you only may use 100 EV maximum in each stat on Arceus. I'll make it easy for you, just put in 100 EVs in 5 stats.

It's the time to unleash the God into the DPP meta!

Standard DPP Ubers with Arceus enabled.
Arceus is restricted to 100 EV maximum in each stat.
Best of 3 games.

Use Gen 4 custom challenge to complete the games. Please post replays.


Hack vs hyw
Lord Outrage vs Iris

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Ah... good old Farceus... screw it, its time for me to start posting here again anyways since I still love Ubers (yes even ORAS you silly gooses). I'll be signing up! I'll probably crash and burn since I haven't played this metagame for years, but thats ok: I love me Farceus!

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